Aftermarket stereo installation in a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado?

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by zachmilz, May 29, 2010.

  1. zachmilz

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    I have a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LS Crew Cab and I bought a Kenwood KDC-MP145 stereo to install in it. I've already installed new speakers, but I don't know how to install the head unit at all. I have seen these GM harnesses that keep the factory chimes and what not, but I know that I don't have to have that. I know how to take the factory head unit out of the dash, but I don't know how to connect the new head unit. On other cars it seems like it's plug and play or something. Can someone PLEASE show me an article, video, etc. on how to install a head unit in my truck without buying some $100 GM harness?
  2. vncj96

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    you just need to pick out your wiring harness for your model and just use some crimp connectors (they are red)to mate it to the aftermarket head unit wire harness, thats really it, then its plug and play from there.

    If you just go to menards, home depot or lowes you can usually get an entire set of all different connectors and a crimper for 20 bucks in one kit

    i cant check youtube while at work but i am sure if you search for "aftermarket stereo installation" there will be a ton of them. A standard cd/mp3 player is pretty universal from one model/company to the next fro connecting the wires
  3. zachmilz

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    I've been looking for a wiring harness, but the only one I can find is $80 from Crutchfield.

    Here's the link to it:

    Other than that, I can't find any other harnesses. I could care less about the door chimes and little reminders, I'd actually like to have them gone. I'm sure that there's plenty of people on here that have installed an aftermarket head unit in their Silverado.
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    Sorry, I'm new here. I just thought that it could apply to both the General Tech Q&A and Audio, Video & Electrical sections.
  6. zachmilz

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    Just so all of you know, as much as I didn't want to, I ended up buying the $80 harness from Crutchfield.
  7. ZSI52

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    I think skosche(?) has a much cheaper harness at walmart.
  8. Stealth

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    I paid twenty-five for my wiring adapter from Best Buy. I normally wouldn't have bought from them, but I had a graduation gift card. It works just fine.
  9. Urban Assault

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    I had the same prob bro, i just went with the new harness
  10. identityPRS

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    you can do it with the regular $20 GM harness, you just have to run your own swithced power.

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