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  1. dobey

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    Hi all,

    I've got an 04 Ext Cab 1500, and installed Infinity Kappa components in the doors and plates in the back, shortly after getting it. I'm quite unhappy with the tweeter install though. The factory tweeters are a bit odd. I've basically got the Kappa tweeters surface mounted on the factory tweeters which are unplugged. They almost touch the door grille at that point though, and the sound stage doesn't sound right with them that low in the doors.

    I was wondering what others' solutions to the odd factory tweeters were for installing aftermarkets in the doors, and if anyone's relocated the tweeters further up in the doors or to the A-pillars to get a better sound stage. The Kappas didn't come with much choice in the way of mounting buckets either, so if anyone knows of better mount buckets for the tweeters, that would be helpful; especially if they are stealthier looking ones for mounting in the A-pillars or door panel surface.

  2. bwhitt86

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    I don't know how you mounted them but normally i take the factory tweeter out and trace the pattern on abs and mount the tweeters in those. For best sound it is better if they are in the pillars reflecting off the windshield. There's not a ton of room but should be fine. Your speakers should had come with various pieces to mount the tweeter differently. Just take a hole saw and cut in the lower part of the pillar and route the speaker wire from the crossover their. Very easy job plus sound the best. I just put some kicker components in an 06 with th tweeters in the pillar and it sounded great. I've done so many components in 99-06 gm pickups i couldn't even count and the pillars normally work great.
  3. dobey

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    The Kappas don't come with any suitable mount buckets for easily mounting in a 1 inch diameter hole. If they did, I wouldn't be asking the questions here. :)
  4. Enkeiavalanche

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    I have always found that putting some double sidded tape or Velcro on the back side of the tweeter and just placing them all over till you are happy with the sound.. But as said above you should be happy with flush mounting them in the pillers. The crossover should have a adjustment for the tweeter for a distance between it and the woofer. I do know that the Infinty's are on the brighter side...Also how many watts do you have going to them?
  5. bwhitt86

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    Well if it doesn't come with the mounts that have some sort of brace for mounting it the only other thing you could do is get some backstrap an make that work unless you want to spend the time fiberglassing pillar. That's the only thing i can think of tight now. Btw if you only have power from the deck goin to those kappas their not gonna sound good, they need an amp pushin at least 50 watts rms or so.
  6. dobey

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    Well it's all relative. They might not sound as good right now as they will with ideal power and mounting, but they sound 100x better than the factory speakers blowing raspberries. I know they sould sound just as much better with improved power/wiring/mounting, but I wasn't looking to spend $3000 on stereo immediately after getting the truck, either. I've got plenty of other things I have to spend money on as well. Like the V8 build/swap for my Fiero. :)

    Hopefully it warms up a bit here this weekend and I can get my sub enclosure built, and get the sub/amp (Kappa 100.9w and JL 250.1) installed.

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    I wouldn't say I'm particularly unhappy with the sound, but the stock tweeters just aren't in a great position. My left leg ends up being right in front of the speaker grille while driving, and it muffles the highs from the left side quite a bit. I know the good places to mount them in general that would fix that. I was just wondering what others have done with their tweeters, and the flush mount options that come with the Kappas are a bit tacky. And I'd rather avoid having the shiny grilles on the tweeters sticking out and saying "steal me" to anyone who sees them through the windshield or anything. Stealth is key in my audio installs. The crossovers that come with the Kappa components has no adjustments, unless you mean the one button that switches between 0db and -6db gain. Currently, they're just being powered by the factory deck; but they sound good enough for now for me, aside from the muffling due to position.
  7. bwhitt86

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    Normally thieves aren't gonna steal your door speakers. I don't think a thief is gonna break into your car because there are some tweeters in the pillar. A new deck or a sub box or amp is gonna be the only things their gonna jack normally so i wouldn't worry about tweeters in your pillar.
  8. Enkeiavalanche

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    Putting them in the piller you can paint the grills. I always did and they would blend in nice and look factory..Just remember now that you have new speakers and they might sound better then stock don't turn the volume up all the way till you have the right power going to them.

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