Aftermarket wheels cause shaking

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by 08SierraZ71, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. 08SierraZ71

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    I'm new to this site and looking to get some advice/help. I've got a 2008 GMC Sierra 1/2 ton, and I recently picked up a set of 20" KMC Spy's with Nitto Terra Grapplers. It seems something to do with the wheels packadge is causing some shaking and vibration when I'm braking. It doesn't always happen, and it gets worse the higher the speeds. I've had the computer checked and nothing shows, also pulled the fuse on the ABS and no change. It all goes away when I switch back to the stock wheels.

    Any suggestions or advice? I've talked to the place I got the packadge and they are saying it's something to do with the truck.

    Thanks alot!

    99'HEARTBEAT MODERATOR Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    You mentioned that the Vibration started when you had the New Rims and tires put on.If it where me I would take the truck back to the shop,and have them go for a ride with The New Rims and tires so they can see there is a problem.Then have them put on your Stock rims and tires that you mention have No Problem,go for a ride and see what they said.Them telling you its the truck is Bull****!!,if they are a stand up shop....They should Fix the Problem.Last how long have you had the New rims and tires on?
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  3. hunky

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    Problem may be 1. Stickon weight fell off. 2 wrong style seat on lug nuts. 3 too much offset on wheels(too much weight outboard of hub)
  4. vncj96

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    improperly balanced or, they sent you one wheel that has a different offset/backspacing and they didnt catch it (this has happened to two of my friends) either way its their job to find the problem. Also they are aluminum rims they may have not properly torqued the bolts
  5. 2ToNe04

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    they probably didnt balance it right or its unaligned....
  6. adampaul1964

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    Are the rims hubcentric? This means the center hole is bored to a specific diameter, Chevy trucks require rims that are bored to 78.3mm to properly seat the rim on the hub. If the bore on your rims is too large then the rim will be centered by the lugs which is not true enough for larger rims and will cause vibrations. I've seen a few people on this site have problems with vibrations when changing rims, more often than not it's the rims that are the culprit. And as far as the shop saying there's something wrong with the truck that's just idiotic, if you change out something and a new symptom occurs then the change you made is the culprit! there is no reason you can't run 20" rims on your truck, G.M. puts them on from the factory!
  7. ChevyFarmKid

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    i would try rotating the tires and see if you got a bod one on the front, that should be on the rear.
  8. hunky

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    Had wheels put on my sons 2008 sierra today and they removed some kind of thin metal ring or ? at the base of the studs. Could not see exactly what it was (too far away) but that may not allow new wheels to seat properly if not removed.
  9. bob13

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    I had the same exact problem and I'm confident the problem is the retaining clips that hold the drums and rotors on. At the factory they install clips, if you look at the factory rims they have recess around all the lug holes on the back so they do not interfere with clips. I went through a torture chamber before the problem was solved. Took the clips off and the problem was gone. Take the rims off and REMOVE THE RETAINER CLIPS and you will be fine, I practically gaurantee it. Let me know how you make out!!!! Good Luck
  10. Z71_guy

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    +1 on retaining clips, they dont work with aftermarket wheels

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