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    So, of course, from the factory they are aimed correctly (we hope)..... but over the years things happen..... old shocks caused the front end to dip, so I raised them, then replaced the front shocks and had to lower them, etc....

    Then I had bumper damage and had to adjust them so they were level again, etc working on replacing the bumper, etc....

    I have used a brick wall to get them level, I have also parked behind another car about 12 feet way and checked the level against a real car and not a wall....

    The thing is our head lights have a up and down adjustment and a left and right adjustment.

    What is the best way to get them lined up correctly again?

    I have found that on really foggy days you can check them better because you can see the core (spot) in the center of the beam better and where they are directed.
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    I go into the garage at night against the bare wall and do it that way...i put a strip of blue tape on the wall where i want the top of the lights to hit and back the truck up so im out of the garage but the lights are right in the door way...i have my low beams on and adjust them just to the top of the light just hits the tape on both sides evenly,then i adjust the left and right just so i have no blank spots...i would go more into detail but i think its better to try it out and then you will understand it of her uncles owns a auto body and thats how he does it(works quite well actually) :great:
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    We used to aim headlights at the shop with headlight aiming equipment. While more precise the other avenues are close enough

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