air conditioner not working properly 01 silverado

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by jaridd, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. jaridd

    jaridd New Member

    Im new to this forum, and I was searching through the tech pages but the search engine says 'ac' is not a valid search term.

    My problem is this. I have an 01 Silverado with about 110000 mi on it and recently my A/C seems to work fine as long as I am highway cruising, but as soon as I start slowing down or idling for any length of time I only get hot air. After 10-15 min of highway driving it starts to get cold again.

    Do I just need a recharge or is something else wrong.

    Thanks for the help
  2. starsilverado

    starsilverado Rockstar 100 Posts

    sounds like it is low on refrigerant. At idle do you hear the compressor cutting on and off? There is a switch that cuts out the compressor when the suction pressure (low side)gets to low. When you are at highway speeds the compressor is turning faster and pumping more refrigerant increasing the pressure and providing more cooling.
  3. jaridd

    jaridd New Member

    Thanks, thats what I kind of figured. I will get it checked out and get the refrigerant refilled.
  4. zubbiez

    zubbiez Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    Damn It thats the same thing mines been doing! guess I better get it recharged.:glasses:
  5. jaridd

    jaridd New Member

    Fixed - I think

    I bought one of the r134a recharge kits at Walmart and I had cold air in under a minute.
  6. starsilverado

    starsilverado Rockstar 100 Posts

    Good to hear you have some cold air!
  7. BuffaloChip

    BuffaloChip New Member

    I just joined this forum and this is my first post. I did a search for my problem and found this thread which describes my problem to a tee. I have a 2001 Yukon XL that the AC goes to hot air blowing after idling for about 5-10 minutes in hot weather, on the road it cools very good whether its hot weather or not. So comparing here, it sounds very much like the issue in this thread and tells me that I need some R134. And with a Walmart just a mile away my solution will be a ditto.

    Im going to try this today and see if it solves the problem. If it does it will save me a couple hundred bucks for a repair by my favorite shop. I'll post later and yall know.


    Buffalo Chip
  8. rileyjr16

    rileyjr16 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Awesome. Lets us know!

    Also what part of Louisiana you from?
  9. RayVoy

    RayVoy Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    Not to burst your bubble, but just note that if the refrigerant is low, it cane out through a leak somewhere. Without fixing the leak, the recharge will "leak" out as well.

    Now, it may be a very slow leak and last for a while, but buy a second can, you will probably need it.
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  10. joe daddy

    joe daddy New Member

    my 04 silverado blows out freezing cold air then it starts blowing out hot air. if i shut the truck take the key out open door then shut and restart it, it blows out cold again. it is full of r134 but have friends with similar problems and it ends up being the climate control switch.

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