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  1. weekend wrench

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    Confusing problem/any ideas/answers will help.

    2006 4wd Sierra 5.3L with automatic dual climate control.

    While using the air conditioner (outside temp = 85F; inside climate control (both sides) set at 75F. After driving about 120 miles, the driver's side vents start blowing hot air and the passenger's side vents remain blowing cold air. What gives? How to fix?

    After stopping for a bite to eat (1/2 hour), then resuming driving, both sides blow cool air, then after 120 - 130 miles, same phenomena.

    Switching to non-air conditioning (vent only), reducing temp on climate control (with air still on) does nothing.

    Can't figure this out and have not been able to find a similar issue on the forum.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Weekend Wrench
  2. weekend wrench

    weekend wrench New Member

    Thanks, is there a method, using a pressure gauge, to check the refrigerant level? If so, what should be the psi?

    Right, doesn't sound like this is the problem, since dual climate controls are acting wacky, warm one side, cool the other side; temp setting the same with air conditioner on.
  3. MightyMax

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    When the system is on.
    Low side pressure should be 40 - 45 psi
    High side 150 - 200 (maybe 250 max)

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