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    My AC is not working on settings 1 and 2 though it works fine on 3 and 4. Anyone know whats up with this and if you can pass some advice on fixing this issue. Thanks
  2. GaryL

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    We could probably help a little better if we new the year and type of truck you were having the problem with, but I would guess the switch or relay. The fan could also be going out and will only spin at the higher speeds. Is it making any strange noises?
  3. bostic8

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    Mor ethan likely it is your blower motor Resistor those are a common occurence and easy to fix. but like stated we need more info. Is it only A/C or is it both A/C and heat settings? Year make of vehicle.


    Sorry guys,

    Its a 2000 Silverado, no noises at all.

    Also when I depress the A/C for fan only it still blow cold air.

    I do not know if the heat setting are affected Never have to use it being on a tropical island
  5. bostic8

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    Based on the info that you have given I would say that it is your blower motor resistor which is a common problem and an easy fix!
  6. kowboy335

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    I'm having Heater/AC problems too!

    I can't get any hot air to blow, and the AC recently has stopped blowing cold air. I've replaced the thermstat, the actuator (mechanism that opens and closes the flap switching from hot engine air to fresh air), and this morning I replaced the control on the dash. The heater hasn't been working for some time. The AC just recently stopped blowing cold air, I'm thinking I might need to add a can or two of freon. I'm not sure what to try next. The vehicle is a 1998 GMC Suburban. Thanks! Brent
  7. cmcoram

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    I'm having a similar problem!

    The AC on my 04 Collie only works on 4. Do you think it is the blower motor resistor, as previously stated, and how easy is it to fix?
  8. grimreapersshadow

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    brent i would check to see if your system is plugged up some where first pull on of the heater lines off at the fire wall near the ac dryer and look or try to pass water throught with a garden hose low pressure if nothing comes out then your heater core is proalby plugged up not allowing it to warm up also a good time to pressure check your system to make shure your not leaking coolant out the back of the intake as for your ac you proalby have the original compressor with the 2 piece body and it leaks out at the center if you stick your hand under the conpressor (while its cool) and theres alot of black crud then its leaking and needs replacement ac delco has a revized model that takes care of that problem its a once piece unit and its fairly cheep also

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