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    Installing filter minders on all filtered intakes of every vehicle deployed to the middle east was Standard Operatin proceedure when I was in the Navy.
    They worked great, there were many time filters would be clogged with fine sand and passed any useable point but you couldnt tell by looking at them because the sand was the same color as the filter media, the filter minders would indicate and let you know to change filters.
    I use them on my personal vehicles since then.
  2. steved

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    That's an inherent flaw, those filterminders tend to quit working. I've had them on a lot of Dodge Cummins-powered trucks, and they basically work for the first year, then just stop (the last four trucks didn't have a working filterminder from new). I have seen first hand where filters in the Cummins-powered trucks would be completely collapsed and partially sucked into the intake hose, and the filterminder showed absolutely no restriction.

    They are a cool idea in principle, not so much in implementation...

    Personally, I change on a schedule...
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    Just get a K&N and clean the filter every 20K miles. K&N filters pay for themselves after you clean them a couple of times.

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