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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by paracutin, Nov 5, 2011.

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    When I was looking into buying a CAI I found something similar. I was looking for HP gains and found a chart that showed a drop in K&N filter and some holes drilled into the stock airbox only made a few HP less than the K&N CAI. I still went with the Volant and have no complaints about it.
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    Just to be clear, I am not picking on K&N. All filters that claim to flow better than stock will allow more dirt into the engine.
    I did some quick calculations. If I am correct, the Delco filter flows 350cfm or 9.9 million cc's per minute. The average small block combustion chamber has a volume of 70cc's. This means you need 560cc's of air per intake cycle. At 4000rpm the engine needs roughly 2.2 million cc's of air. If my numbers are correct, there is no need for a high flow air filter.
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    Thanks to Paracutin!
    I have been watching the owner product reviews of the aftermarket air flow products. In most of the reviews, the purchaser stated that there wasn't any gain in mpg. The part I hadn't heard anything on, but makes a great deal of sense is that allowing "extra" air into the engine carries some dirt with it because the higher flow units are more porous. Maybe I'll look seriously at finding a way to get more air to the airbox.
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    Good idea. I hadn't thought about it that way. The tests never said they were performed with a stock air box did they? I wonder what the stock airbox flows?
    I might pick up an airbox from a salvage yards and see what can be done.
    Thanks bsmntcritr for making me think more about this.

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