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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by silverado0596, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. silverado0596

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    Was wondering if putting a cold air intake and dual exhaust on my 05 4x4 reg. cab silverado would make that much of a difference on mpg and power? I am really looking for some mpg gain. Also would it be wise to put new headers on if i upgrade the exhaust? I see all the advertisement about increasing ur mpg's but by how much? and is it benificial to me?
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    A different filter can, but with more air means more fuel as the computer will adjust. An exhaust can help but also if you lose to much back pressure you can lose MPG. Every truck will be different even if its the same add-ons to the same style truck with the same motor. So really its if you want to chance it, every guy on this sight will tell you they did the exhaust and air filter/intake and they will have a ton of different results. The best way to gain MPG is PSI in your tires, proper tuning and keep the RPMs under 2000 when accelerating. I am sure this isnt the answer that you wanted but its the tried and true results everyone has seen that is the factors.

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