Air Intake Housing or Air Filter Box??

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Double A, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. Double A

    Double A New Member

    Installed my new aFe air filter yesterday and noticed the box holding filter was loose, just flopping around basically, the foam is almost gone on the end that's next to the hole on body (guess that's called air intake hole??), nor will it fit firmly against that hole. Went to O'relly, they don't carry that, he sent me to another auto part store, they don't carry the part. Looked all over internet, can't find part. Can anyone tell me where to find this part, other than the dealer? Not sure if it's all that important, but I like my stuff to be like new or in order.
  2. Conlan Rose

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    Can you take a Pic so we can see the issue.
  3. Double A

    Double A New Member

    The first 2 pics I have pulled the air filter box out of the engine area & box is basically sitting on side of truck. The 3rd pic I have put the box back into engine compartment; you can see some foam is on top & side of box, most of it is gone, & you can see the top of air hole in side of truck body. #1-I think this box should fit snug inside engine area, as I can see rubber boots on bottom of box & holes in metal tray underneath box, couldn't get them to secure at the moment, but will try when I have more time. #2-I think this box should fit snug against hole in side of truck for clean air.
    I am not a mechanic, so correct me on these 2 points if I am wrong. 0212131716.jpg 0212131715.jpg 0212131657.jpg

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