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  1. walemet

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    Good afternoon. I have a '94 Suburban with a 350 motor. Changed the t-stat and bypassed the rear heat. I'm guessing I have a major air lock going on. It takes forever to get any movement on the temp gauge but if I hold 1500 rpm it will get to 195 degree. Heat is lukewarm at best. As i drive the temp goes down to around 140. Rad and front heater core are a year old. Everything worked fine until I bypassed the rear and changed the t-stat. Twice. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks.
  2. Guardrail

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    How did you bypass the rear heat?
  3. RayVoy

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    If it's air in the system, try parking with the nose in the air (so the rad is the highest part of the system), remove the cap and see if the water circulates.
  4. Albert

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    If you really have a major airlock in the radiator, here is what you can do. Remove the radiator cap and start your Suburban. Monitor the coolent level and allow the coolent to warm up and turn on the heater. By this coolent will circulate the engine with back pressure and will burp out the air. Hope this helps! :)

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