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    Some of you know that I am a Shriner (Luxor Temple). We operate 22 hospitals for children in North America. We operate these hospitals at no charge to the parents. A few years ago, United Airlines launched the 10 million miles giveaway program (an online voting contest). Last year the winner's share was 3 million miles, with the remaining miles going to the charities in 2nd through whatever place, I assume, this year's winner will receive the same 3 million charity miles.

    The Shriners use the air miles to reduce our cost of transporting the children, to the hospitals, to receive the required specialized care.

    The Shriners Hospital is only one of the charities entered into the United Airlines contest, I would appreciate a vote for the Shriners, but if you see an other charity that you wish to vote for, please do.

    The contest is over on Dec 25th. Voting is at you may vote once a day per device.

    Thank you for your support,

    Noble Ray
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    Sadly we've been jockeying for 2nd and 3rd all week...

    Noble Surreal
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    I just caught this thread...very cool! Congratulations; you were competing against worthy organizations, so I'm sure the win was not easy.
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    I was very glad that voting daily with every device had favourable results. :)

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