Air Recirculation / Fresh Air motor- actuator noise; replacement; video inside ; HELP

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    I have been dealing with this noise on my 2004 Silverado for 8 plus months now. I believe I have it tracked down to the air recirculation / fresh air intake motor/ actuator. When the noise begins, I can temporarily get it to stop by pressing the air recirc button. I dropped the glove box a few days back and was able to see the door opening and closing. The door seems to open and close smoothly, but does pause briefly( maybe a second) before closing all the way. The noise occurs when the door fully closes or fully opens. After opening or closing, a few seconds will pass before you hear the noise in the video.

    I have done some reading on this and most of what I have read says the dash needs to be removed/ lifted to replace this part. Being a graduate student and working full time, I really don't have the time to pull the dash.

    I received 2 quotes from local a/c shops. One for $350 and one for between $200 and $550, depending on them diagnosing what motor/ actuator they find causing the noise.

    Few questions I could use some help with here.

    Can this be unplugged to get the noise to stop?

    Can I replace the part without pulling/ lifting the dash? It did look awfully tight behind the glove box.

    Is there an easier way for me to fix this?

    The video below is me toggling the switch back and forth a few times. The video is sideways. My apology but i was laying on the floorboard trying to get a better view.

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    In older cars and trucks the actuators were vacuum motors, nothing more than a vacuum applied to a diaphragm that pulled on a lever/rod to open a door. I'm not sure about your truck if they are electric motors but I did find parts listing and I cannot find it. It might be part # 20 & 21. Perhaps JCAT can tell.

    It can be three things, debris got into the blower housing and its rubbing on the fan squirrel cage, a bearing in the blower motor in going bad, or it is the actuator. Does it make noise with the fan speed in the lowest setting? If it does then disconnect the power to the fan motor and then actuate the recir-air. If you hear the noise then it is most likely an actuator. If you do not then it is the fan motor or debris inside the housing. Even though it does sound like electrical (to me) there could be something that is vibrating.

    It's a hard site to navigate and it took a few times to find the parts diagram. It is under A/C & Heater, AIR CONDITIONER & HEATER, Evaporator & heater components, Air distributor and you'll see a parts diagram ICON.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I found the part, it is an actuator electrical motor.
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    It does make the noise when it is on the lowest setting. I can give this a try when I get some time though. Thanks for the input.

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