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    I have a Ingersoll Rand 236G impack wrench. The wrench works ok it will bust the lug nuts loose on my truck pretty easily. I torque all of them down to the recomended 140 ft. lb. I found out inadverdently today that I have it all set up wrong! I called IR today to aske about the grease fitting. The rep told me I should re grease the gun every 40 hours or so of actual use. I would have to bust loose something like 8,000 lug nuts to hit 40 hours of use. So I guess I'll just do it once a year when I do my compressor or maybe ever couple years. But that may not be needed. Anyway I told the rep I was bran new to air tools and they gave me very detailed break down of how to set it up properly. Wow I was way wrong. For instance the manual says 90 psi. I though that ment you set your regulato to 90 psi and bang away. Wrong they told me to set it up so when I pull the trigger the psi does not drop below 90 and 100 psi is the max. I was also instructed with a 3/8 inch hose and 1/4 inch fittings 25 foot was the max. I'm using a 50 foot hose. So I can leave the compressor in place and run the hose to my truck in front of the garage. I ran out and purchased a 25 foot hose and set up regulator as instructed. WOW this think really came alive. But the hose is too short I need 50 foot. They told me I needed a 1/2 inch hose to go 50 foot and 3/8 or bigger fitting. I am going to order a 50 foot 1/2 inch hose with a real. Would I be better off going with 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch fittings? Also how do I go to a larger fitting on the tool? The tool has a 1/4 inch inlet bushing, can this be replaced to accept a larger fitting or do I just use a thread adapter? Thanks!!
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    Could probably use a thread adapter for it but hey what do I know?

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