Airbag light, pretensioner testing

Discussion in 'Chevy Colorado Forum (GMC Canyon)' started by shibby2oo8, Apr 26, 2012.

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    So my brother has a 04 colorado ext cab and it has been a solid truck til this. His airbag light came on and i scanned it to find a driver pretensioner circuit open code. Found a few broken wires in the rear door to cab flex harness and fixed them, light went away. 1 year later same code, wires are fine, pulled drivers seat and disconnected the harness from comp and seatbelt, ohm'd fine. Took a terminal tool and cleaned-tightened- lubed all connectors, light went away again. 1 yr later ( now) same code, checked wires and ok. So is there anything im missing? Is there a way to test the pretensioner by resistance maybe? Im about to get a used tensioner so if anybody has something to add in im all ears.

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