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  1. bidisilverado

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    Okay, I haven't figured out the search thingy on here yet but please don't kill me yet. In my 04 Silverado my airbag light just kind of randomly came on one day? It was shortly after I did a curb hop (hop curb or get ran over by semi? curb sounded better?) and bottomed the truck out. I've been told to check the sensors under the seat? Other than going to a dealer or "mechanic" is there a way I can see why it's on? Thanks!:glasses:
  2. lifted_silverado

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    i have that same prob in my 04 silverado let me know if u figure it out thanxs
  3. Jimmiee

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    Your truck has several crash sensors. The code will tell you whick one is acting up. Get it scanned with good scanner like a Tech II.

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