Aircare by goverment

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    You can just disconnect the battery for a while and they should all clear. I have heard of guys disconnecting the positive and negative cables from the battery and touching the disconnected cables together to clear codes. I just disconnect it over night and everything should be cleared in the morning.
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    yes, disconnect the battery cables, then touch the cables themselves together. then reattach.
    this will clear all remaining voltage in the entire vehicle. including your radio setting and emergence airbag capacitors. and the computer will completely reboot once voltage is reapplied
    worked for me!!
    good luck! =)

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    Well Guy's, I pulled up to my Government Air care, just outside pooped the hood disconnected both battery cables touched both together for 4 Sec. twice. Then pulled in for the test. Passed with flying colours no codes came up and I was on my was for insurance (Government, real rip off) But I am back on the road for two more years.
    Thanks for all the help guy's.......Eric
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    Yes you can clear the code's Temp this way BUT your Banks will have to be reset and when you get to the test center they will tell you this IF they hook up the ODB I had the same thing happen even after changing things on my Programer it takes a few Cycles to reset and the lights will come back on.. I Did clear all codes just before I went to the test center and I passed..

    Thank you SuperChips.. I have a bad 02...

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