Alarm/Remote Start Wiring Diagram 1991 Suburban

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    Well, I have a favor to ask of those in the alarm/remote start installation industy. I desparately need to get an alarm and remote start installed in my 1991 Chevrolet Suburban R1500. The truck previously had an OLD K9 system (no remote start) that eventually freaked out on me. I removed the old alarm with the exception of the door lock/unlock relays, and the starter kill relay. Now, I have the cash to install a new alarm, and I want a good one (duh :lol:) and I might as well do remote start while I'm at it. I'm moderately handy in the 12V world, but I need the wiring diagram for what wires I need to tap to install and use the functions of a new alarm/remote start. If one of you installers can get me the list of wiring colors, what they're used for, and where to find them under the dash, I would be eternally grateful.

    Is there a plug-and-play T-harness I can purchase so I don't have to go splicing wires, or at least so I don't have to splice as many?

    I just don't trust the local alarm installers..... :no: Unfortunately, I will have to probably pay one of them to get the truck tinted, that I don't know if I can do well enough...

    Also, if it matters, I'm probably leaning towards a nice Viper alarm, or some other quality alarm I can add other goodies onto in the future, like a second shock sensor for the back of the truck, maybe a tilt sensor, and a prox sensor.

    Thank you! :great:
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