Alarm/security light?

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by audible, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. audible

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    Alarm/security light? Replace with aftermarket NAV

    As I usually park in the garage, but parked outside tonight due the bed being full of snow :happy: I locked the truck and noticed there is no flashing security light to ward off thieves?? Is this something I need to have the deal program it not an option?:neutral:

    **I also would like info on upgrading to aftermarket NAV without loosing my built in bluetooth and steering wheel controls, or Onstar safety services????


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  2. pmf608

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    The only constant security GM uses is on the radio, and that one went away with the new generation of trucks in 2007. The security light in the dash will only flash or stay on for about 30 seconds after you are out of your truck and have locked it.
  3. audible

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    That blows...I liked the the blink-blink. :no:
  4. pmf608

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    You could always get a Kenwood navigation unit. The one I have in my truck actually has the little blinking security light.... on the other hand it would probably attract just as many thieves as it would ward off.

    If you really want that security light though, I'm pretty sure you can buy little LED setups that you can install that will blink so that thieves think you have an aftermarket alarm (which are better than GM alarms anyway).
  5. audible

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    I would love to install an aftermarket Nav system with a screen...the Onstar nav, me no like. I just do not want to loose my steering wheel controls for the stereo and the bluetooth-hands free calling controls in the steering wheel (built into the truck. Or the actual Onstar system that calls for help if your in an accident.
    Anyone had experience with upgrading theirs?
  6. pmf608

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    To make an aftermarket radio work with the computer system in your truck, you would need an interface, such as the ones made by Metra. They will communicate with the truck's computer and retain your warning chimes, your Bose if you have it, and OnStar. I believe they will retain bluetooth as well on the newer trucks, but to be honest you would be better off using the bluetooth built into the navigation radio because it will give you more features such as call logs, entering numbers by an on-screen keypad, and depending on the nav unit you get and your phone, the ability to send and receive text messages from your radio if you are stopped (my Kenwood has this feature, but my iPhone doesn't support it). With one of these interfaces, you get the new radio and your OnStar functions exactly the same as it normally would. You do lose your factory XM with aftermarket radios though, and there is generally no way around it other than to buy a new XM tuner for the radio you get. That may or may not be an issue for you.

    As far as steering wheel controls go, the companies that make the interfaces also make steering wheel control modules. I have the Metra ASWC, which is universal for all vehicles and radios, plugged right into my interface module to reduce the connections to make, and automatically detects your vehicle and your radio. My steering wheel controls work perfectly and the unit automatically assigned them all to the right functions (with the exception of the source up/source down buttons that both do the exact same thing, since aftermarket units only support one-direction source changing)

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