Alaska Long Haul or Bust Set-Up

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Ksteele, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Ksteele

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    OK people.

    I live in Florida and I'm thinking of taking a job in Anchorage Alaska. I will get a sign on bonus which is mainly meant for cost of shipping all my property and vehicles up there. I have done a large amount of research and everyone says to take a week or two and drive. They say it is a once in a life time experience. It will cost $5,000 to ship my truck to Anchorage, so why not spend that amount and have a blast getting there instead. To this day I can remember as a kid my family traveling 3 months from east coast to west coast and what a blast.

    I currently have a 2001 1500HD RWD with 4:10 rear end. We all know the great gas millage I get. The trip if driving straight with out sight seeing detours is 4773 Miles. There are some portions of the trip in the Yukon that will not have adequate fuel stops. Here lies my problem. Fuel capacity….

    Also, I will also be towing a 6 x 12 dual axel trailer loaded with everything I can toss in it and my bed with topper will also be stuffed.

    I want to one of the following:

    1. Larger bolt up fuel tank (If possible)
    2. Secondary tank system with switch and selector (If possible)
    3. In the bed transfer tank

    So far this is all I could find and I really leaning toward this 109 Gallon set-up.

    I wanted to keep the bed looking stock, but I have not been able to find any sites or info on making my truck a dual tank monster. But if I do get the 109 Gallon bed tank at least I can remove it and store it for future trips when needed.

    I'm also going to buy a front bumperguard/winch set-up going HD due to moose accidents and would rather save front end as much as possible. And wanting to replace my side mirrors with heated mirrors for the winters.


    Help a Silverado brother out.
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  2. 04sierracrewcab

    04sierracrewcab Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    i would recomend a Ranchhand bumper (
    as for the tanks im not so sure.. sorry
  3. sp33dracerman

    sp33dracerman New Member

    I have the Warn [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]265072 from auto parts corp you have listed and love it hit a deer a while back and it saved my truck

    as far a the fuel no ides but once you get one let us know your experieces please

  4. zach45

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    i would defantly do the drive...
    seems like one of those''once in a life time'' trips...

    cant help with any of ur Q sorry..

    best of luck and keep us updated
  5. CamoRig

    CamoRig Member

    OH! What a drive it will be!!!!

    Ksteele, I think you should do what ever you can to make the drive. You won't regret it as long as you are prepared. I drove from Alaska to VA then to Texas way back in 1988. It was with a wife and two young boys(EAR PLUGS) inside a small chevy spectrum. My only regret was that I wish I would have driven up in 1984.
    Several concerns: Ask yourself if you would feel comfortable driving your rig straight up one of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado during a heavy snow storm? the Yukon and Alaska are at a higher el. and if you are leaving anytime soon there will be snow covering the road in the Yukon and Alaska, winter started up there in SEP. also can your vehicle handle extreem altitude
    Do you have insurance that covers glass? many miles of rocky dirt roads in the YUKON!
    Do you have enough fuel capacity to handle 200 miles between fill ups? the most distance I encountered in 88 while traveling thru the YUKON. (things shouldn't be worse today, but I'd verify with an auto club)
    I had to change my fuel filter after Canada, Crappy Gas.
    I had to change my shocks also, (Wrong vehicle for trip)
    I think you could make it with one tank and several 10 gal fuel cans, or an additional tank would be perfect. Make sure your suspension can handle the loaded wgt and the loaded trailer while climbing a steep grade. I wouldn't worry about any special bumper guard for Moose. It won't help, hitting a moose is like hitting a 2500HD at all cost keep alert and avoid the damn things. They happen to be about 6 feet tall. don't forget to watch for bears, bison, wild ponies and eagles.
    The winch will probably not be needed for the trip, unless you plan to do some off-road adventuring. But the roads are nice, only dirty for about 100 miles but these are pretty well maintained. But a winch will be a great asset in Alaska, I would also get engine block heaters installed after you get there unless you can get a good deal in FL
    I hope you take the trip if you can, and don't forget the camera I'm sure everyone would to see your trip pics. I know I would.
    Good Luck!

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