Alien in my gas tank?

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  1. Jess' Hoe

    Jess' Hoe New Member

    Hello all,

    I am curious to see what you all think this may be. I had problems with my tahoe. I put a brand new gas tank in, in April along with a brand new fuel pump. On may 30th my tahoe died on me, come to find out the fuel pump failed. So this time it was taken to a shop where they, again, replaced the fuel pump. Well Friday I was low on fuel ...Saturday I stopped and got a half tank of gas. Come tuesday when i got up for work, my truck was dead. It wanted to start but woulnt turn over, so immediately I think FUEL PUMP AGAIN?!?!? cause it did that the last 2 times. So....I have it towed to the shop AGAIN. Well i get a call and the shop said well your fuel pump is fine, and you have good spark. but we testted your fuel and there is a MASSIVE amount of water in it! So long story short, they drained more fuel and found some foreign mattter that looks like an alien! He said they pulled out about 5 gallons of it...I attached pics...let me know if they dont show up. I am curious to know if anyone has an idea of what this sh*t may be!

    On another note, they said they seprated the stuff out and filtered the fuel and was able to save some. When i went hom my tahoe hesitated a little but picked up. They also said they put some heat in there, which i have heard is not good. I have a friend that suggested Chevron Techtron. Also to replace the fuel pump which i knew and not sure why the shop didnt do that. Anyway, can you give me some suggestions of what to do as well on top of these things to get things cleaned out fo there so my tahoe can get to running top notch again and get this crap outta there?

    SERIOUS input please no time for funny stuff here.

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. PantheraUncia

    PantheraUncia Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I don't know any earthly creatures that live in gasoline and water? if they are "normal" gasoline would kill them. It looks like a mutated frog of some kind. You don't happen to have any Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles lurking around anywhere?

    Or potentially live near a toxic waste site that was not disclosed by the government?
  3. Jess' Hoe

    Jess' Hoe New Member

    No, and its not a creature. It a milky substance. Looks like milk mixed with nasty motor oil when you see it in person. In the pic it looks like a craeture but it really isnt. The mechanic said his thought was either someone put something in there which 5 gallons worth is a lot and would take them some time to do so he doesnt think thats it but possible. He said the other thing is that when I fueled up, the tank at the gas station was low and i got some of the gunk n crap from the bottom?......It more like a gunky sludge...of serveral colors. The alien looking thing is what came out first...then as they pulled more they got the 5 gallon bucket of gray gritt looking stuff...but no grit just sludgy...with massive water mixed in. So i just thought i'd see what others may think it looks like.

    My main concern is getting suggestions from all of u as to what I need to put in my tahoe to help clean the crap out of there so that it doesnt screw anything else up and happen again......
  4. RayVoy

    RayVoy Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    Well, if you installed a new tank and it wasn't in the new tank, it can only be that someone. in your neighbourhood, doesn't like ya; or, the station where you fill up, is serving up a soup that your truck doesn't like.

    Because I have no proof leaning toward theory number 1, I bet on theory #2. Go back to the station and tell them what happened.

    I think you need to drop the tank, completely flush it out; clean the sock filter on the pump; reverse flush the gas lines; remove the fuel rails and flush them.

    All you have left would be the injectors, they might be dirty, but I don't know how to clean them.
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  5. MCrewsZ71

    MCrewsZ71 Rockstar

    You can pull the injectors and check them or just run a fuel injector cleaner just to be safe....
  6. Jess' Hoe

    Jess' Hoe New Member

    Thanks for the input! Wow sounds like a lot dropping th tank and all that but if it works! UGH. I havent been driving the truck as I dont want to mess atyhing else up and want to get it figured out. The shop separated the gas and filtered it and put some back in. My truck still hesitates and now the check engine light is on :grrrrrr: look like i may have to pull the tank. This is such a suck time as I am in the middle of moving outta my house! Is all that easy to do? SOunds like a pain the A**.?
  7. Jess' Hoe

    Jess' Hoe New Member

    PS-- I am thinking it is bad gas....I dont have any enemies and the mechanic did say he pulled out about 5 gallons of it which he seems to think would take someone quite some time to put that much in, he thinks if someone is gonna do it, they would do it fast and get the heck outta there and it wouldnt be 5 gallons worth...but who knows.

    Also, I have alread put chevron techtron in there which i heard was really good. I am still trying to run that half tank out so i can refuel with more techtron...but now my neighbor is taking a look at it because the check engine light is on, and he has a scan tool. UGH...this really is lame.
  8. Jess' Hoe

    Jess' Hoe New Member

    My Neighbor ran the scan took on it and was throwing a misfire code. He then replaced the fule fliter and he said it was PACKED with this! he said it almost looked like saw dust. But he replaced fuel filter and ran it again and no code and he said its running really good. This is nuts!

    Fuel Filter matter.jpg
  9. MCrewsZ71

    MCrewsZ71 Rockstar

    Wow....wonder how that would have gotten in there! Are you sure nobody tampered with your tank?
  10. Jess' Hoe

    Jess' Hoe New Member

    I am not sure what the heck happened. I dont have any enemies that I know of... :neutral:

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