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    hello everyone, i am attempting to replace my tie rods (inner/outer) and i am afraid that i might misalign the steering, so does any one have any knowledge on how to replace and set alignment to specifications. thanks for your help.

    Clifford Kanuho
    1994 GMC Z71 XC
  2. silveradotrailblazer

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    Mark the old parts with something that won't rub off and count the rotations when removing, just screw the new part on the amount of rotations. This will get you in the ball park because the old parts are worn.
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    Yep go with what Silverado says, and then you can ckeck your toe in with a tape measure. If you can do your own tie rods you can also set toe. It helps if you have two people for this. Just make sure you measure at exactly the same places on both the front and rear of the tires and half way up the tire height. This will give you the most accuracy.

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