all weather and/or rubber custom-fitted mats?

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    Greetings Fellas, and Happy Thanksgiving.

    I'm a proud new owner of a 2003 Yukon Denali, and I'm looking for floor and cargo mats. According to the sticker, my interior trim is called "Neutral." Looks tan to me.

    Anyway, the Costco mats I attempted to trim to fit are lookin a tad too tacky. So, I'm trying to find all weather and/or rubber mats that are custom-fitted for the vehicle.

    I'm also trying to find out if there's such thing as a rubber cargo mat covers the entire back area when the third row seats are NOT installed. I've seen cargo mats like this, but they had holes for the slots in case you want to install the third row seats over the mat. I specifically do NOT want any holes in the mat. If I ever put the third row back in (which is very, very unlikely), then I will simply remove the cargo mat.

    If you have something similar to what I'm looking for, and you're happy with them, please let me know the brand/part number. Also, if you happen to remember where you bought yours and how much you paid, that'd be fantastic.

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. I'm also looking for Summit While exterior touch-up paint. Is the dealership the best place to get this?
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  3. heftylefty58

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    Thanks Jamie!
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    Weathertech makes great custom fit all-weather floor mats. That's what I have my YD right now in the front, 2nd row, and rear cargo area. They look nice, fit great, go well with a "luxury" type interior, and are much easier to clean than carpet. Because of the texture on the mats, which gives them good traction and helps avoid that cheap plastic feel, they may take a bit more to clean if you get mud in there. But still well worth it.

    Husky floor liners are also very good. I had them in my old Z71 Tahoe. They have the same custom fit as the Weathertechs. But they look and feel a bit more "plastic-like." However, they are the easiest to clean and are ideal for an off-road vehicle or one that will see a lot of dirt/mud.

    Avoid the clear plastic mats though. They do fit well, but they stink! Apparently that is rather common and not much they can do. It just seems that some people don't mind... is a good place to go. Good prices, wide selection, lots of info, great service, etc.
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    Thanks Omega!!! Your pictures of your beautiful YD were extremely helpful, too!

    Just curious: Is your interior tan or gray? (Sorry--sometimes I have a hard time telling from pictures.) It looks like you have the gray Weathertech liners, and I really like the way they look with your interior. If you could do it again, would you still go with gray? (I'm concerned that tan liners might look too boring with my tan interior--especially considering the Denali trim is gray.)

    Also, regarding your cargo liner, are there holes for the 3rd row seats, or is it completely sealed?
  6. omegafiler

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    Thanks! It's a tan interior. Seats are two-tone, tan and white. The floor liner is actually black (when it's clean). :) I considered tan, but it wouldn't have quite matched. Looked like a different shade of tan. Black does get dirty, but still looks good, and the truck already had enough tan.

    The rear cargo liner is one piece, but does have outlines if you want to cut them out to put in the 3rd row.
  7. heftylefty58

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    Thanks again for the responses. I went with the weathertechs! I did shop around various online sites, and was able to find the liners for more than $100 cheaper than what,, and were asking. (I bought the front, second row, and cargo liners.)

    I'm not going to advertise for the online merchant I ended up going with, but they're certainly one of the more popular and trustworthy sites that I've actually used in the past. [Knock on wood!]

    P.S. It was NOT ebay!

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