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    Recently I have heard of many problems associated with the Allison automatic transmission, specifically the 1000 and 2000 series transmissions, used in many GM trucks. GM has been using a sub-par auto trans fluid in these transmissions when they are put together at the GM factory, and there have been many failures due to this, especially in the colder climates. The fluid is too thick at colder temperatures, and leads to premature pump failure, excess clutch plate wear, and other problems... A preventable solution for this is to use the ALLISON recommended transmission fluid, known as Transynd. Many people here (Alaska) are now switching to Transynd with good results.
    If you feel this might be something you are interested in, I have listed below the items you will need and also items you might want to replace while your at it...

    Transynd Part # 27101 A synthetic transmission fluid, sold by the gallon, 5 gallon bucket, or 55 gallon drum. Around $40 a gallon at the moment, cheaper if bought in 5 gallon bucket. A complete transmission flush uses around 4.5 gallons. If only dropping the pan, you may only need 2 gallons or less. Buy this at your local Allison tranmission dealer/supplier for the best price.

    Spin-on filter Part # 29539579 This is the Allison filter spec'd for your transmission. Around $9.25 at your local Allison dealer. About $40 at your local GM dealer. Be sure to keep and re-use the circular magnet that sits inside the filter. If yours does not have one, see below...

    Filter magnet Part # 29535617 A circular magnet used inside, on top, of the spin on filter. Around $3 at your local Allison provider.

    Internal pan filter (shallow pan) Part # 29537965 Allison internal filter that is inside most GM trucks, inside your transmission pan. Around $26.00 at your local Allison provider. A deep pan and filter is available as an upgrade, see below...

    Internal pan filter (deep pan) Part # 29537966 Allison internal filter that is inside your deep transmission pan, used on larger vehicles. Holds a gallon or two more fluid than the shallow pan. Around $26 at your local Allison provider.

    Deep pan Part # 29536522 A nice upgrade for those who are using the shallow pan. Holds about a gallon more fluid, keeps the oil temperature lower and possibly extend your fluid change intervals.

    Pan gasket Part # 29536526 The transmission pan gasket you will want to have if you dont want to have fluid leaks.. Around $36 at local Allison place.

    Thats all I have for now. If you have any questions, I can try to help you...
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    Who makes this Transynd oil? Do you have any specs on it? Do you have any documentation on the GM fluid failures? Personally I haven't heard of this problem around here.

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    Welcome to the site!
    It's the first I have heard as well.
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    Castrol makes Transynd. AMSOILS equivalent is Torque Drive. In 07 and newer models you should not use Transynd or Torque Drive, DEX VI only. 06 and older GM's with Allison's You can use either Transynd/Torque Drive, Dex III, or DEX VI.
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    Where did you find this info??

    Transynd is safe to use in ANY current Allison automatic tranmission, and is recommended by ALLISON to be used. GM may say otherwise, I don't know. AMSOILS Torque drive does not meet the Allison spec to be a Transynd alternative... There are a few products out there, but AMSOIL does not make one...
  6. 1st Synthetics

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    Torque Drive is an exact clone of Transynd. Click here for more information. Torque Drive also costs less. And no you should not use either in the 2007 and up Allison that call for Dex VI. Call any Gm dealer and ask them what is specified for 2007 up Allison transmission. They will tell you DEX VI.
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    I have heard that the deep tranny pans really don't help out. It sounds like the extra fluid can actually make it harder for the system to pump. Evre heard of that?
  8. 1st Synthetics

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    I have not heard of that. I may have to research that one.
  9. boomvan

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    Says here that Torque Drive does not meet the TES-295 spec. According to Allison..

    However I am with you on the point that these fluids are practically identical, according to your chart.

    That Amsoil website says TorqueDrive retail is $43.55 per gallon
    Castrol Tranysnd is $39.89 retail per gallon.. retail...
  10. 1st Synthetics

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    That is correct. But This is why we have the preferred customer program that allows my customers to buy at wholesale. So the AMSOIL product is less.

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