Alpine Power Pack Amp & Viper 350HV Alarm

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by 1flyfisher, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. 1flyfisher

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    Alpine Power Pack Amp
    I got this installed yesterday at Best Buy. Outstanding. My thanks to Hawaiikid for his recommendation. This little AMP is $119. They install in minutes and triple your power output. They plug right in. I have an Alpine ida-x303 which is a great unit but all headunits by themselves have minimal power. I have the Alpine 600 SPS speakers and this little amp really improves the sound and boosts power and loudness. Now the 600's really shine. I am 49 and listen to Classic Rock, Classical Music, Jazz and don't need a Sub or expensive amp setup as I am not into boom boom bass. This system is now perfect. I can cruise down the highway with the windows down and turn it up and it will play over any road noise. I highly recommend. Oh yeah they will work with any brand of headunit. If you don't need or want the hassle/expense of wiring up a standard amp this is the way to go. Crutchfield and Best Buy Reviews are like 4.8/5. Everybody loves it.

    Viper 350HV
    Another product I highly recommend. It sells for $199 at BB. I like the added security this unit offers me. I remote camp/flyfish and there can be vehicle breakins with ****bags stealing flyrods/camping gear/anything they can get their filthy hands on. A window gets broken and they open a door this alarm sounds. Exactly what I need.

    Best Buy installed both for me for FREE! Professional installation by this dude Mike who did my headunit and speakers a few months back. These guys are great they are EXPERTS at installation. I highly recommend. They have deals on installation when you buy headunits and speakers together or various products.
  2. ibmoses

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    I got the same setup but I added the SoundOrdnance powered subwoofer, my first sub. Its real small physically but really adds to the quality of the music.

    I am 50:)

  3. Springthing

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    Good to hear, Fisher. And very good to hear that you found yourself a BB with some good folks doing install. Unfortunately that isn't necessarily the case all the time. It seems to me that some of these folks have gotten to put a few radios in friends' cars and then think they are installers. It always good to find a place where actual people that actually know what they are doing can actually do a good install!

    And congrats on the new setup. Keep the BOC cranked up!?
  4. Als09Sierra

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    That amp sounds like a nice setup for a decent price. To Springthing's point, if you can trust your BB installer, it might be worth it. I like the sound system in my truck, but it could use a little more power. The cab is not the quietest on the highway, and sometimes after a crappy day that song needs to be a little louder.
  5. 1flyfisher

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    I have heard good things about other BB stores and their installation. they train their people very well. i would go to them before any local audio shop. BUT every store is different I suppose. Check it out first. My BB guy did a great job.
  6. Enkeiavalanche

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    Nice set up... As for Best Buy and the way they train their installers... No Commit.. Sorry...I've been doing this for over 20 years and have seen some and repaired some very bad jobs.. True some of there shops will have 1 or 2 good installers but not for me..Most of the newer cars they won't even touch them.. Kits and Harness are just about gone from them the 12 volt dept is shinking fast...
  7. HawaiiKid

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    Happy I could help...I love my Powerpack and my Viper 350, happy you like em too!
  8. 1flyfisher

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    Well they get really high review scores on their installation 4.3/5 reviews by hundreds of satisfied customers and from my experience I have to second all the positive reviewers/reviews. The two guys I talked to at BB where much more knowledgeable than the local shops who I had no confidence in after talking to them and they trying to hussle me and sell me stuff I didn't want. I went to Audio nxpress and the people there I would not let get near my car. Lots of satisfied BB customers. The reviews and hundreds of satisfied customers don't lie.

    I know at BB they have to go through courses and testing. You go to a local shop you are rolling the dice way more than BB as to what you may end up getting. The guy there might have just walked in off the street. I also feel I have better recourse with BB than some local shop.

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    Yeah me too. Both are nice products. The Viper is nice for $199. The Power pack is plenty for me. It is loud enough and the sound is clearer. I have a question for you though. You have the power pack and another amp? Why both? What does the powerpack do differently than the MRP-M500? I am not an audiophile......

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  9. HawaiiKid

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    flyfisher, I run the MRP-500 to the 2 Type-E subwoofers under the back seat...the powerpack just runs the 4 regular speakers.
  10. 1flyfisher

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    Got it. I was wondering why you had both. Alpine rocks! I love my IDA-x303 and 600s speakers.


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