Alternator/Guage cluster problems '03 1500

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    Hey guys! first post! got into the forums here in the last year rebuilding my monte carlo and Ive got the bug and cant stay off of em!

    Heres my prob:

    i bought an 03 silverado ext cab ls with the 4.8L v8 about 11 months ago. i have had the guage cluster replaced twice, the original one; the tripometer wouldnt log my miles. 2nd one just got fried and stopped working but the part where the odometer was would stay lit up in but would just show the square grids. it would do this with the truck off too. my third one is holding up so far....

    if i remember correctly the alternator went out about the same time my 2nd cluster went out. when i took it in they also said i had a manifold gasket leak?!? truck had about 60k on it at the time. never got a check engine light or anything but the dealership said it was throwing codes when i took it in. they said the alternator was working intermittently, thats why the week before that they couldnt find anything wrong when i took it in(everytime i stopped or went in reverse it would like choke out and sometimes die. it took me breaking down in the middle of a busy freeway during rush hour for them to figure it out!)

    that was about 7 months ago that it was all replaced. i got a light about 2k ago saying service airbag. its now at 69k. the other day i got on it WOT and the lights went dim and said battery not charging. I was manual shiffting it at the time too if that helps. but after i slowed down it went away and didnt see it till the other day and it came on constantly along with service brake booster. Autozone tested the alternator said it was bad! lucky theres a waranty on the alternator and i have a warranty on the truck!

    Has anyone had problems like this before? is this a common issue with this year truck/motor? Sorry for the long post, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    i had a similar problem where the speedometer broke and didnt give me the correct mph... and then the fuel gauge did the same thing just keep spinning and spinning... its not just ur truck a majority of the vehicles made around 2002 through 2005 have this problem...
    my uncles tahoe had the same problem too

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