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    Ok, heres the question. I have a 76 gmc longbed, 350, with stock amp alternator now. (64amp i believe) I just installed a 500watt rms amp, 350watt rms 12" pioneer sub, and kenwood head unit. Im wanting to upgrade to a 140 amp alternator, (in case i wnat to put electric door locks/windows in later) to help with lights dimming/voltmeter dipping/dropping when i hit the bass hard and loud. My delima is, ive been told to do a "big 3 wire upgrade" which consists of increasing the size of the battery ground to chassis/engine ground/alternator ground to chassis/and alternator pos to battery pos. The ground wires are no problem, but im getting mixed answers about the alternator pos to battery pos. Some ppl tell me I have to redo ALL the wire from the alternator, to the relay, to the starter with th 2ga wire. Some ppl tell me just leave the stock wire intact and hooked up, and to just run the 2ga wire from the alt. pos to the battery pos, and put in a 140an inline fuse about 10" from the battery. ANYONE...put a sound system in your truck and do this upgrade? Please shed light/info! Thanks!!! also upgrading the battery to an optima blue top with the alternator which is on order. :glasses:

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