Am I getting Screwed here?

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by markman34, May 11, 2009.

  1. markman34

    markman34 New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I just signed up and am looking forward to sharing much knowledge regarding my new (to me) silverado.
    Calgary Alberta Canada.
    So, here is my first situation.
    07 NBS Silverado. 84,000 km, Vortec Max, crew cab, LTZ with sunroof. The truck has an extended warranty for 100,000 km. Apparently the "best" extended warranty from GM.
    I just dropped my truck off with the dealer for it's first (to me) service. Scheduled an oil change and investigate a water leak in the truck. Dealer tells me that the water leak will likely not be covered by the warranty. Nor will any damage that was caused by the leak. Apparently, the extended warranty does not cover any seals or anything inside the cab of the truck. I was completely FLOORED when she told me this.
    Now, I may be looking at some very pricey repairs to get things proper. Headliner, carpet, what ever seal is failing, and even the loaner truck that was supposed to be included in the warranty as well.
    Has anyone come across this issue before?
    Does anyone have advice on how I may proceed?

    I absolutely love this truck but am not ready to replace everything at my expense in order to make it right

    Thanks for any help you can offer!

  2. 1st Synthetics

    1st Synthetics New Member

    The 100K warranty is for the drivetrain I believe, not bumper to bumper.
  3. bry2500

    bry2500 New Member

    Welcome to the site!!!!!

    Most Extended warraties are "farmed out" to outside companies. There should be a pamplet from the extended warranty company with the truck manual. Most dealers put it in the little binder that the manual comes in. There should be customer care phone numbers on the pamphlet. Contact the warranty company and find out what is covered by your plan.
  4. markman34

    markman34 New Member

    Thanks for the reply!

    the warranty is through GM protection. They are sending me information on what is and is not covered.
    The infuriating thing is that the 100,000km bumper to bumper warranty was a condition of the purchase of the truck. I arranged for the extended warranty to be transferred into my name and was told that it covered "everything but normal maintenance"
    I'm dreading the call from the dealer to tell me that my $50 oil change service is going to cost many hundreds of dollars.
    I can't believe I'm saying this but maybe I should have bought a ford. YIKES
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  5. markman34

    markman34 New Member


    Should this thread be moved to another area to get better results?
  6. markman34

    markman34 New Member

    Just received word from the dealer.

    Apparently, there is nothing wrong with my sunroof. $120 Diagnosis charge.

    I guess the carpet and seatbelts are supposed to be soaked with rainwater.

    Apparently my washer fluid pump works as it is supposed to. $62 Diagnosis charge!

    Apparently there is a TSB for squeeky window hardware. $62 Diagnosis charge! or we'll fix it for $120 but will not warranty the work.

    Because nothing was warranty, I have to pay for the loaner. $65 Rental charge
    So, went in for a 50$ oil change and am now looking at almost $400 and all I got was an oil change and a headache.

    I have just been raped.
    I just called the service manager and told him exactly that. And you know, he agreed.
    We'll see what happens.
    I think I'll list the truck and see if I can get out of it without loosing too much money. Maybe make a buck.
  7. cascott325

    cascott325 New Member

    well, sorry to hear that, at least they are giving you a reach around option
  8. ZSI52

    ZSI52 New Member

    Im kind of going through some similar stuff with my truck. I bought my truck used on October 17th 2008 from a GM dealer. It had 59,000 miles on it. And it was supposed to be a "certified" vehicle with all the factory warrantys. . The transmission started messing up around 66,000 miles. Not shifting and other things like that. I called the dealer and asked them about it. And they said it wasnt certified and theres no warrantys on it. So I was going through some paperwork the other day and I found about 3 or 4 papers saying that it was a Certified Vehicle. Oh and I found a few letters they sent me asking how im enjpying my GM certified used vehicle. I've emailed them a few times and have got no response or any type of contact. So Im going to take all the paper work to my local gm dealer and see what they say.
  9. markman34

    markman34 New Member

    well, I made it out of the shop today for under $200. At least the service manager helped me out a bit.
    That's an expensive oil change!
    According to the dealer, there is nothing wrong with my sunroof. It passed the "GM Leak Test" for these models. There is leakage in the normally functioning sunroof but I'm sure that these trucks were not designed to have wet carpet and seat belts.
    I think I'm still in shock. Very disappointed with their idea of customer service.
    Planning my next move.......
  10. CarpenterGuy

    CarpenterGuy New Member

    wow, that sucks. is any of this something you can fix to cut down on costs?
  11. vncj96

    vncj96 New Member

    Do you have another dealership you can go to, maybe another one could give you some better help, believe it or not some dealerships really bite, my Red Wing dealership really sucks but 25 min away in Zumbrota is awesome!
  12. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan Administrator Staff Member

    How long have you owned this truck? The problem with buying used is that you have NO idea how well it was taken care of before by the first owner, so the vehicle is only as good as the person who owned it and how well they took care of it. :neutral:
  13. ahm1127

    ahm1127 New Member

    If I have warranty (the only way i go to a dealer) I tell them to fix the things only covered by warranty and inform me what they see doing the other repairs. That includes Jeep, toyota (HATE) and all GM dealerships. Way to much BULL $H!t.
  14. Rice

    Rice New Member

    You are getting screwed.
    But you should have expected that.
    You went to the dealer for an oil change...:rules:

    I have never had a dealer do work on my vehicles. I either do it myself (I am not a mechanic and no access to a shop - just some cheap tools and some common sense) or take it to my local repair shop, where I know a good mechanic, who won't screw things up and charge me more for fixing it.

    Back to your issue, if you feel up to it, you can test the roof yourself. It is very easy. Just open it up, take a tea cattle and pour water into the channel. If it drains fine, then it is something else. If not, than you clean it out. Just make sure that you do it on both sides of the roof - There may be two drainage hoses (not sure). A drainage hose can also get disconnected from the drain, in which case, the water will drain right on to your ........... seat belt assembly:gasp:

    Oh, and the dealer in full of $hit anyway. Where else can the water come from? The floor could be all sorts of things, but the seat belts?
  15. CarpenterGuy

    CarpenterGuy New Member

    I hate dealers. my mom and i had bad experiences with honda. i hate honda.
  16. vinceg

    vinceg New Member

    If you want to find the leak your self you can duct tape off the cab vents on the back of the cab then turn your key on (do not start), turn your fan on high , shut the door wait a few minutes this will pressurize the cab a little, spray soapy water around the sun roof,doors,windshield,door windows, rear window and where ever else it might come from and look for the bubbles this is a easy that we find sealant around windows at my work. don't forget to remove the tape off the cab vents.
  17. markman34

    markman34 New Member


    Had a good rain here in Calgary today. The day after my truck went to the shop.
    And, would you believe it, the carpet and seatbelts are still dry.
    I'm wondering if there was something done to the truck to repair the problem yesterday.
    The last time it rained even half as much ( a week ago) the carpet was almost totally soaked.

    I'm still floored by the service I had at GSL Chev City here in calgary. Even though it is only two miles from my house, I think I'll drive across town to seek better service.

    Hopefully, my sunroof leak just magically fixed itself!
  18. heavy chevy

    heavy chevy New Member

    I promise stranger things have happened lol.
  19. markman34

    markman34 New Member

    thanks for all the posts.

    Aside from the oil change, it was my intention to have only warranty work done on the truck.
    The shocker was that nothing was covered by the warranty and when I said i wasn't going to pay for these repairs, they just billed me (about the same money!) for the diagnostic charges. :grrrrrr:
    They originally billed me 120$ to find a TSB about window hardware lubrication. Diagnostic charge!
    They billed me $62 to tell me that my washer fluid pump worked the way they thought it should. (there was a delay in the spray due to the washer fluid heater) Diagnostic charge!
    They billed me $120 to do a rain test on the sunroof and tell me that there's nothing wrong. Diagnostic charge!
    And, they billed me 65$ for the loaner truck. (because nothing was covered by warranty!)


    Thanks GSL Chev City in Calgary for the welcome.
  20. markman34

    markman34 New Member

    I've had this truck for 6 months.
    It was immaculate when I bought it.
    There was nothing other than normal maintenance done at the dealer.
    Other than this leak thing, the truck is wonderful!

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