am i the only one that see's whats wrong with this

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    inside of the news post in the link provided its states that a new program has been set up for people to turn in there old meds. they claim that flushing them down the toilet is the wrong way to dispose of your meds. that in this case its poisoning the water supply. that part is whats getting me (poisoning the water supply). ummm is it just me or what. i kinda thought that toilet water was not supposed to get anywhere close to the water(drinking tap water) supply. im pretty sure there is stuff in the waste waters that cant be filtered out for drinking. idk. what do you guys and gals think?
  2. SurrealOne

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    Toilet water goes through a water treatment plant and is often then used as gray water ... for things like watering public patches of grass and the like. This is most prominent in water-scarce areas like Arizona.

    As we well know, no water treatment is perfect. What happens next is the concern ... the drug particulate carried by the gray water then enters the water table ... and gets into actual drinking water pumped out of the ground via wells, public water supplies, and the like.

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    Well if we get sick from drinking grey water...we'll be taking meds for them by drinking water then wouldn't we?
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    I will trade grey water for my water. Ours has arsenic, uranium, salt, more salt, manganese,sulfur, and the list goes on. True mineral water I say.

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