Am i understanding this right?

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by common dude, Sep 22, 2008.

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    well, you have to make sure that your subs will be stable with that wiring as well as your amp. if they werent designed to be wired that way, you will more than likely blow one of your voice coils of not both. you also have to make sure that your amp will be stable with your subs wired that way otherwise you will over work your amp which will make it run hotter than its designed dramatically reducing sound quality, performance, and life span. you could also run the risk of over heating to the point of catching fire which will dramatically reduce the life of your vehicle... just go to a local audio shop and ask them for the best advise, you should have no trouble getting a good answer
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    k, ill check into it. thanks bro
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    I don't see why you should have a problem. If you run them both to one +/- then you'll be down to 1ohm and that'll make it hit a little harder but it'll wear out your stuff a little faster.
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    how much faster?
  6. cascott325

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    it depends on how much you are going to use it... if you use it all the time, it could be less than a year, but then you have you warranty so no big deal. i haven't heard of that brand, but if it is good equipment then it could last 2 years or longer. i would be surprised if they failed within 2 years as long as you take some kind of care and not take it to the max. if you use them only now and again, they could last you years.
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    i would be playing it all the time that i am driving but i typically keep it turned down pretty low. 1 of my friends has 2 hifonics amps in his truck and to my knowledge he is happy with them.
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    if you keep it turned down, you should have no trouble. im in the same situation except i already have mione. i have 2 12" kicker comp vr on a 1200 watt amp. they rattle your head off, but i dont use them blaring all the time. i like the sound add though
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    Wire each sub's voice coils in series, then parallel the 2 subs together. That will produce a 2 ohm load. Technically, the amp will still produce more power than the sub is rated for at rms. However, if you wire the coils in parallel and the subs in series, you will produce a 4 ohm load, which the subs can easily handle the power of the amp, but they won't be driven to RMS, which is the peak butter zone you want to be in. To run 2 of those subs with that amp really is not smart, they're just not matched...

    EDIT: You're in Slidell??? Well, you must be somewhere nearby as I'm in Slidell over by the mall
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    what would you reccommend changing? i want the best bang for my buck. and it needs to hit hard. i would kind of like to run 12's but i probably cant fit them under my seat. ill talk to the guys at a stereo shop and see what they can do about a box even if it means raising my seat a bit so i can run what i want to.

    yea im right in your neighborhood. i live in the greenbrier apartments on airport road.

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