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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by aboston, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. aboston

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    I had a burned out DRL (just like everyone else who has one of these rigs!) and decided to replace them with ambers. I never did find a picture of this "mod" on this site, so I thought I would post a few pics that I took. I didn't think about the fact that these are only going to be seen during the day until after I took these night pics, but they were alot brighter than I thought they would be. Not bad for $6 for a pair!! Now I have to get matching amber bulbs for the turn signals, cuz they aren't quite the same shade of amber, and I am just weird that way...

    I would still be interested in seeing any pics of any high power LEDs that were installed for DRLs. The strongest one I could find was 3 watt, but it only projected light forward, so there would be no light for the reflector in the back of the lense.



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  2. Coolwheels05

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    Looks cool. I like it
  3. Triton911BJ

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    i did this with my chevy... i pefer the ambers rather than the regualr bulps. i think it looks better overall
  4. TRPLXL2

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    The amber DRL look real nice, I do actually have some experience with the LED's. What bulb # did you buy that's in there now, did you get the 4114? If so they aren't going to last that long, I have always pulled the 4114 bulbs out and replaced them with 3157 and I have never had one burn out on me. Just make sure the wattage is the same and you'll be fine, a ton of people do this and I have never heard them complain about burnt out bulbs.

    On to the LED thing the DRL socket is horrible for LED's, IF you do decide to do the LED conversion make sure that you spend the money for a good ceramic load resistor to resist heat buildup. That particular wiring harness has a lot of fluctuation in voltage, which will make your new LED's last about 2 days literally. I bought a set of Putco 360 degree tower bulbs amber color for my turn signals, and I also bought a set of hyper white 360 tower bulbs for the DRL and I bought 4 load resistors for that setup. I it will be insanely bright but expensive, I already have $100 just in what I mentioned so I don't want to take any chances.

    Another thing you can get through Putco is Heavy Duty harnesses, they have larger relays and wiring to also increase the light output. I haven't escalated to that level of insanity...........yet. :sign0020:
  5. aboston

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    I replaced them with the 3157's. They are actually pretty bright in the daylight. I would like them to be a bit brighter, but I don't think I am ready to spend that kind of cash on DRLs (yet).

    As far as the LEDs, would you need a load resistor for the DRLs? Since they aren't connected to anything that needs to see a load like a flasher or anything like that, I thought that I could just plug them in. Or are they? Would it be to compensate for the fluctuating voltages? I did not know that a resistor would be used for that.

    If you have that stuff already installed, I would love to see some pics.

  6. TritonBoulder47

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  7. Hummer

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    About 18 months back there was a nice article about converting the 4114 DRLs to LED and the guy cut a power wire and put in a resistor to cut the voltage. I tried to find it on a search but no luck. I talked to someone who had the LED replacements but he said without a voltage drop they are history pretty quick.
  8. Enkeiavalanche

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    Those of us in the Avalanche clubs all have them and what they call FTDRL's meaning they are on day and night.. There are many posts and writeup's on how to do this some are real easy like on 02's others you have to put in diods or relays.. But this is how you can tell a member is coming towards you...

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