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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by TrailLeadr, Jan 22, 2010.

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    Has anyone ever replaced one of these? (this is the sensor for the DRL, and auto head lamps)

    I just notice the our new '06 Avy has the hole for it, but it seems like the sensor has been knocked back into the dash. When I stick my finger into the hole I can feel the sensor, but there's no way to grab it and pull it back up. I don't suspect it's bad, I'm just curious if anyone can walk me through a semi painless way to pull open the dash to put it back in place with the least amount of panels being removed.
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    The only way I can think of is removing the dash bezel and try to reach it, its going to be hard. If you can't reach it pull out the radio.
  3. Mean_Green_95

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    I've been fighting with my DRL's for weeks. I've replaced the sensor on my 2000 Sierra three times with ones from the junkyard. The way to do it is pull the dash bezel off, then pull out the radio. Here's the big problem. They changed the internals of the dashes, so that on mine I can see the sensor after removing the radio. On newer ones I found in the junk yard I couldn't see the sensor because of a metal support and foam piece. If you can see the sensor or the sensor hole, then its a matter of getting your hand in that very cramped space and twisting the sensor into its locked position. If you can't see the sensor or its hole, then IDK what to do. Hope this helps.
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