Amp interface for factory head unit 2010 silverado

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by jjsams21, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. jjsams21

    jjsams21 New Member

    Will the PAC Audio AOEM-GM1416 amp interface work on a 2010 Silverado (non bose)? The listing is for a 2009, but I'm hoping they are the same.

    I want to add an amp and 1 12" sub under the rear seat of my crew cab but I want to keep the factory head unit. (has bluetooth etc...) This interface would do the trick. I tried searching, but only found older models with the Pac audio.

    On a side note, anyone make a single 12" enclosure with any cubic footage? About .80 seems to be the norm. Maybe I'll make one.

  2. Stealth

    Stealth Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Not really sure about the adapter, I spliced mine into the speaker wires. I built a single enclosure for my 12" Sony Xplod, and I'm running about 1.2 cubic feet of space or so i think. Hope this helps!
  3. jjsams21

    jjsams21 New Member


    :party:I bought the interface anyway. Works great. Comes with front and rear outputs and the remote turn on lead. Tucked it in the dash and no splicing!! Finally some bass!:party:
  4. daweinah

    daweinah Rockstar 100 Posts

    Can you link the item you purchased?
  5. agerangere5

    agerangere5 Member

    i went the same route with keeping my factory radio and installing a line out converter. i went with the 4 channel scosche unit though. thing works great. just taped into the rear door speakers.
    this is the one i used. it sounds great with a 1200 watt amp and 2 10's under the back seat. almost a little to much though. i still need to tweak it a little.
  6. jjsams21

    jjsams21 New Member

  7. agerangere5

    agerangere5 Member

    according to that page i have a bose system and it wouldnt work. but i have a ls model. so i am a little confused there is no sub and nothing saying bose anywhere in the truck. plus i had the rear doors off to hook up my line out converter and the speakers are paper which will be the next thing to go! but if i have 5 eq settings on the radio how does that make it a bose system? just currious sorry for hijacking the thread
  8. 09Z71BLKBST

    09Z71BLKBST Rockstar 100 Posts

    Does anyone know if one of these would give you the ability to run 2 amps? one for highs and one for a sub? i dont know much about this stuff...
  9. sstoner911

    sstoner911 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    All righty then! :lol:
  10. jjsams21

    jjsams21 New Member

    There are 2 sets of preamp outputs (1 front, 1 rear) so you could use the front set for highs.

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