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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by Chaser1, Mar 22, 2010.

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    hey guys hope some one can help me out. I used to have a 1000w amp on my truck, this amp was hooked up to a 12' sub, and my 4 speakers, (OEM speakers). The damm thing crapped out on me!!! now i have 3 amps, 1 is a 800w 2 ch,the other one is a 760w 2 ch andthe last one is a 220w 2 cv amp, can i use all of these for my set up? (1 12'sub, 4 OEM speakers) i also got a 2 fared capasitator, any ideas?????
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    you could use one of them for the sub and depends on how much trouble u want to go through, u could just put one of the amps on all 4 speakers and put 2 speakers on each channel, you would only have the fade or balance adjustments, or you could put one amp on the front speakers and one on the back but those amps are way more than enough than u need to push highs and mids
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    You can bridge(run on a single channel) the 800 watt sub to run the single sub.... your wattage will depend on what the amp is rated for and what kind of sub and what its rated for....

    Run the OEM speakers off the deck...dont even bother running them off an amp. You could but they may not last as long.

    You can google bridgeing amps to see how you set that up. Also your amp may not support this!!!! Check on your specs for that amp!!
  4. Chaser1

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    Cool thanks for the info, so not even the small one will work on all 4 speakers??(220w)
  5. Chaser1

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    Nice truck bro! Thanks forthe info, so the 220w amp it's no good to me??
  6. sstoner911

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    You can hook it to your highs....I ran my stock door speakers off an amp and they sounded good but i was only pushing 60watts to them....that was pushing them to thier limit however.

    Try them without an amp and see how they sound once your sub is up and running....if the sub is overpowering them you may need to give them some more power. You want the highs to be loud but clean. the 220 is 110 per may not even be close to that....some brands to tend to exaggerate the output of thier amps. So it may be fine for the highs.
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