AMSOIL - love it or leave it?

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by CaptDave2007, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. CaptDave2007

    CaptDave2007 New Member

    At 27K I decided to put Amsoil in my '07 Tahoe 2WD 2L and wonder if anyone out there has had positive long term experiences with this synthetic? Have you gained HP? Increased gas mileage? Faster off the line? Less engine wear? Or is this stuff just like the rest of the goo - to become just high priced sludge?
  2. RockHead

    RockHead Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts ROTM Winner

    I love Amsoil :great: that is all I run with
  3. mrmanners

    mrmanners New Member

    I know of two guys who have it in their Tahoe's and don't have any complaints. One for sure that I know of gained MPG. I have it in my entire power train and fuel system on my Dmax. Runs smoother, idles better, tranny is cooler when towing and I gained fuel economy.

    Take care,
  4. MAsZ71

    MAsZ71 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Amsoil is an excellent synthetic oil and your engine will thank you for using it...HOWEVER.....

    Amsoil is NO BETTER than most of the name brand oil companies oils AS LONG AS you change your oil and filter on a regular basis! Regardless of what any company tells you, as long as you use the right viscocity of a name brand company's full synthetic oil you will not see any difference in engine wear and performance through the average life of your vehicle!

    Where I work, we do a fair amount of oil analysis in our engines in some pretty extreme conditions. However, I am not an expert oil anaylists by no stretch of the imagination. so, use what gives you the "warm and fuzzy'!

    FWIW, I use Mobile1 5W30 Full Synthetic. Much easier to find than Amsoil! And a little less expensive!
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  5. Viper

    Viper Rockstar 100 Posts

    when it comes to conventinal oils they all come from the same damn hole in the ground, however some synthetic's being man made have different chemical make-ups so from brand to brand there will be a differance, however they all do the exact same thing, proved cooling and lubrication to the engine as well as a mode of transport for all the nasties in the engine.
  6. mrmanners

    mrmanners New Member

    I have to agree with Viper. Even in synthetics, they are not ALL the same. There are different groups of base stocks 1-4, with 4 being the best. AMSOIL and I believe Moble 1 use on group 4 base stocks. Top that off with available additives and you will see they are not all the same. According to independent evaluations, AMSOIL10W-30 was the best among many oils folks see at their local stores these days. See for yourself, here is the Comparison Study from the AMSOIL website.

    As for availability in your local area, AMSOIL has a dealer search tool on their site and when you throw in their preferred customer or commercial account programs everything is at wholesale so it is well worth the money in my opinion.

    Just my two cents. Happy Holidays!
  7. rmagni

    rmagni Rockstar

    I use Amsoil now I have used mobil 1 and had no issues with it both quality products
  8. Viper

    Viper Rockstar 100 Posts

    I used mobile1 in my grand prix, and will use mobile1 in the truck, mainly because its easier to find a lil more price effective
  9. MAsZ71

    MAsZ71 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Several years ago I had a discussion online (a Corvette forum) with an Amsoil rep. The question that I asked him was to tell me the name of the independent lab that did the testing for Amsoil. I don't remember the exact specifics of the "conversation", but basically I never got confirmation that Amsoil used a true independent lab for their analysis. This gentleman continued to argue that it didn't matter what lab did the work as long as the tests were done using recognized industry test methods. The one thing that I have learned over my 20+ years in manufacturing, is that test data, like accounting information, can be manipulated to provide specific desired results. However, a truely independent lab is less likely to fudge the numbers. I REMAINED SKEPTICAL! :no:

    Now I see that Amsoil has published more recent ('08?) results, but I can't find any information related to who this independent lab is. I searched several of the independent amsoil sites. All of them publish the test results, but none publish the name of the independent lab.

    Like I said earlier, I think Amsoil makes a very good product. And if their test results weren't in the same ballpark as all the other excellent synthetics, then they would be pretty stupid to make the claims they make. It would be easy enough to check.

    So, Amsoil reps, show me proof of the actual independent lab that did the testing, and I will shut-up and bow towards the superior Amsoil product line! I will even buy my next oil change products from my local Amsoil distributor and post proof of that purchase on-line!!:great:
  10. CaptDave2007

    CaptDave2007 New Member

    Thanks to the many who have responded to this thread. I have since had an Amsoil filter and synthetic put in my Tahoe and after 1K cannot (yet) see any appreciable difference, i.e., mileage or power increase. Doesn't mean it isn't working nor that it isn't a very good product however I have learned that it it VERY expensive and that Amsoil is part of a MLM plan, and both factors turn me OFF! I plan to stick with a synthetic but will be switching to Mobil 1 in 5-6K for those two reasons. Mobil 1 is obviously less expensive because I am not paying a commission to anyone, aside from Exxon. I should have done my homework. Not knowing before my purchase that Amsoil was part of a MLM deal is just plain stupid on my part! Yikes!
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