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Discussion in 'Maintenance & Upkeep' started by Vink70, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. Vink70

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    Well its time for me to take the plunge into Amsoil. I can get 12Q of the Amsoil SAE Signature Series 100% Synthetic Motor Oil for about $92 or I can get the 12Q Amsoil OE Synthetic Motor Oil for $49.40. Is one better over the other. Even with my other car being synthetic... I've been a believer of still changing them every 3000... anyone here run Amsoil longer? Do you guys follow the oil life indicator on the truck or stick to the mileage? Also, recommended filter?

    Now onto gear lube and/or trans lube or cases? Amsoil recommendations? Capacities?

    Im right at 25K miles on my 08 and also wondering if there is any major 25K mile maintenance I need to be worrying about or looking into?
  2. kcb37

    kcb37 Member

    Never really like Amsoil. Not saying it's bad cause it's not. Just never liked any of the dealers cause they all seem to push everything they can on you. Along with that Amsoil seems to be the one who will not have there oil approved for anything, just there own testing saying it's good.
    Me I have Mobil 1 in everything I own.
    5W40TD (turbo diesel) in my 03
    0W30 in the 89 Camaro, 96 Silverado, and 05 Cavalier.
    03, 96 Trans are also Mobil 1, as the diffs too.
    I recently started doing an oil analysis. Basically a company of your chosing tells you how well your engine/oil is holding up.
    I went with blackstone. You can search blackstone labs on google. I know wix and cat dealer also do them, can't think of any others off the top of my head right now though.
    Either way they will pickup up and tell you how much metal specifically which metal is in your oil, fuel, coolant/water, etc... how well your additive is doing, the viscosity of the oil, etc...
    Currently I am up to around 15k on the oil in my 03 one filter change and 3qt's oil added. Everything is still great with the oil.
    Basically if your wanting to go 3k and you can't go past cause your afraid of what it's going to do to your engine, don't waste your time or money with any synthetic, conventional can go 10k fine. Synthetic or conventional changed at 3k is a complete waste of money period.
    That was back in the day of my 49 F-1 when oil was not what it is now, and engines/emissions are not what they are now.
    3k oil changes are a complete waste period.
    To go along with that you need a good filter. Wix, Baldwin, Mobil 1, etc... whatever you do, do not touch a Fram, just cheap junk.
  3. 2COR517

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    Subscribing....I will share my Amsoil experience in a while.
  4. black jack

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    ive been a dealer for quite awhile. i use it in my truck, wifes van, my 05 gto and my harley. great stuff find the vehicals get alittle more power, start better and better gas miles. ive had a times that i let it go over the miles but it does not loose any power.
  5. 1st Synthetics

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    Amsoil has 3 tirers of motor oils for gasoline engines. The signature series is a 100% synthetic Group 4 PAO witch you can go 25,000 miles on your oil changes. The XL (extended life) is a full synthetic with extended drain additives and you can go 10,000 miles on a oil change. Then Amsoils newest line is the OE (original equipment) and your drain interval is whatever your owners manual or oil life monitor says. The XL and the OE are both API approved oils. If you want to go with Amsoil contact me for how to save on the products and I will get them to you. I would say 90% to 95% of my customers run the signature series line of oils and go the 25,000 miles per oil change. I do sell a lot of the XL and OE but mostly to quick oil change places.

    As for Amsoil gear lubes I recommend Amsoil sever Gear. I would need the details about your truck for capacity.
  6. ahm1127

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    I agree with Kcb37, but I do favor Amsoil. I think its more personal preference. I would have your oil tested so you know when to change it, replace filter every 3k miles (for your comfort) & send to lab, they will let you know the results so you know when to change or oil. Probably close to 10k miles but it depends on your driving & where you drive.

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