An update, leaking dash, still (and more).

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    Been a while since I posted. Last time I was asking about replacing shocks and a door handle. I'm happy to report that both are complete. The door handle was a piece of cake, although I need some replacement clips as I broke a couple and the door skin rattles more than I would like. I'll get to it. The shocks were interesting. The rears were easy. The fronts, not so much. 3 of the four lower bolts broke off. I ended up grinding off the head on the upper bolt I posted about stripping. That was easy enough, but drilling out the 3 broken bolts sucked.

    So now I have four new shocks on. I opted for cheap shocks, though, and feel how cheap they are. So now that I know how to do it, I have new Bilsteins on the way.

    So that leaves me with the one older problem still to solve (and a few new problems). The leaking dashboard. I have learned that the water sound is unrelated to the leaking. I found some folks reporting that the junction of the heater core tube at the firewall can develop a defect that disrupts the flow of fluid, making the water sound. I guess it's a washer inside the junction. Removing the washer takes care of it. Haven't done it yet, but will. Only happens on the first acceleration/rev when the pressure is built up in the heater core.

    So the leaking is just a leak somewhere when it rains heavily. Saw a post somewhere that there are screws under the black grill thing at the base of the windshield wipers that could be the cause. The seals dry out and allows water in. I think I get more water than that could explain, and getting the black grill thing off looked like a pain without removing the hood, which I don't want to have to do. Still taking suggestions on this one.

    I'm currently working on my AC. It seems I was completely out of freon. I put in one 20oz can and it is making cold air again, but I think I need one more can.

    I've also recently developed a problem with the power lock on the front passenger door. Sometimes it works, sometimes it tries to work, moving a little bit, but doesn't actually lock or unlock. Haven't even started looking into this one.

    One last annoyance is the door latches. They seem to be bouncing a bit when closing the door instead of a nice clean and sturdy latch. Is there any adjustment that can be done to improve this, or must the latches be replaced?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Sounds like you are having some common problems... Check the post that the latch grabs onto. Mine are starting to look pretty worn. This could be where your "bouncing" issue is coming from. On the a/c problem... don't guess at how much freon you need. Get it right. Too much freon can create a problem, too. And the door lock switch is an issue that I'm currently dealing with. Hopefully I'll get it figured out soon. It must be something switch-related. If it was solenoid-related, I doubt all five doors would've failed on the same day.
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    Here ya go. It's a piece of cake. The video producer seems to be the cheapest place to pick up those door actuators too.

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