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Discussion in 'Chevy Blazer Forum (GMC Jimmy)' started by cdvntx, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. cdvntx

    cdvntx Rockstar

    My '75 Blazer needs body work and I'm not going to make it a show piece, just a purdy daily driver. I'm curious if anyone has bought fenders etc from LMC or other suppliers that they can recommend. My body man said he can fix what I have, but buying new fenders and body patches seems better to me, that is if they'll last for a while. Any help is appreciated.
  2. wk96

    wk96 New Member

    I bought rear quarter panels for my 67 chevelle a few years ago from a company named keystone. I live in ohio. They really made life easy for me. They were 100$ each side and they delivered them to the house. Good luck with the project....
  3. cdvntx

    cdvntx Rockstar

    Thanks, I'll look them up

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