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    Just got an LG Android phone from MetroPcs. Paid $199 for the phone and the service is only $50 per month so i'm like $70 cheaper than an iPhone already.

    Downloading doubletwist right now so I can move mucis to the phone and use it as an MP3 player.

    What other APPs do I need?
  2. ChevyFan

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  3. dobey

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  4. IPFK83

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    I dont but the wifey does she loves and I love to play angry birds on it stupid game is addicting. I do have an ARCHOS 5 coolest thing ever.
  5. sgtsjj

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    angry birds is a must!!!! i have the droid X from verizon....i dont know if you are big on facebook if you are that app is pretty nice just go through the android market and see if there is anything that sticks out to you, you can read reviews and see what the average rating is, i usually download free ones just to see what they are about, and if i dont like it i can just delete it
  6. TritonBoulder47

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    Here's my "Must Haves" These are all free...

    - Mabilo - Thousands and thousands of free ringtones
    - RingDroid - Make your own ringtones from the MP3s stored on your phone
    - TiKL Touch - It's like the Nextel/Sprint two-way. You mush have unlimited data (it uses the data network) and the people you want to talk to must have it too.. LOL
    - ScanLife - BarCode Scanner thats fun to have...
    - Movies by Flixter - Shows whats playing in theaters around you. It has previews too...
    - Lookout Mobile Security - Antivirus & security, backup & restore, find my phone feature.
    - Weather Bug - Self explanitory LOL
    - MotoTorch LED - Uses your cameras flash as a flash light, and can turn it into a strobe light.

    That about it for me... LoL Sometimes just browsing through the market you can find something cool that you miht like...
  7. adampaul1964

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    I have the Samsung Fascinate from Verizon, yes Angry Birds is mindlessly addicting, my favorite so far is X Construction, you have to build bridges using a limited amount of girders and it has to support a train, pretty simple really but strangely addicting. The free version is pretty limited but is supposed to be upgraded. Robo Defense is good too. I only get free apps, I'm just not comfortable putting my credit card # in my phone yet.
  8. jreagan

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    I have an HTC Incredible. Get GasBuddy to help you find cheap gas. I also have WeatherBug+ so I can get good radar when I'm out on my motorcycle in the summer. Yelp is good to find restaurants, etc. while travelling. Android 2.2 comes with a flashlight app so you don't need anything special from the Market. I have apps to read various newspapers (better format than just the browser).

    For websites, is where I've found lots of phone info.
  9. TexasEditionSierra

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    I have the Droid 2. I ABSOLUTELY love this phone. I had the Samsung Omnia and the Omnia 2. I liked the phone even though it was a Windows phone, but I got sick and tired of having a touch screen only phone. It made texting a 2nd job. The two new Android phones are the Droid X and the Droid 2. The Droid X is a touchscreen only phone, but has a bigger screen. The Droid 2 has a great screen and is only SLIGHTLY smaller, but has a slide out full keyboard. Out of all of the phones I have ever had such as the Blackberry Pearl 8120, Omnia, Omnia 2, etc... The Droid 2 is by far my favorite phone. I will never go back to not having a full keyboard. Now I find myself texting so fast and so much, that Im writing 6 page text messages.. sometimes texting so much that it has to convert to an MMS text.

    Go check one out. It has a 1Ghz processor, 5MP camera WITH a flash, all the apps you can imagine, I dont have to hard reset my phone all the time like I had to with my Omnia's and Blackberry's. Its super fast, great texting, great screen quality, easy to use. I mastered my Droid 2 the same day I got it. Took me a day to text 20 wpm and by the end of the week, I was typing 40 wpm. Easy to capitalize letters and if you need to cap all letters, just hit the cap button twice. If you need to type a number, just hit the Ctrl button once, if you need to type all numbers hit the other Ctrl button once. If you use Facebook, as another member mentioned, this was the best part. Sign on facebook and BAM all of your friends from facebook are now imported to your contact list with profile pictures, birthdays, phone numbers, anniversary's, etc... If someone changes their profile display picture, it changes on your phone. You also get to select animated wallpapers, add Android Widgets, Motorolla Widgets, Shortcuts etc... to your home screens. There are 7 home screens. Just slide your finger and you have another home screen. So you can sort your home screens. My main homescreen has the icons I use the most, another homescreen for one touch icons to turn on your WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and Airplane Mode and I have my clock, upcoming events, another screen for 6 of my main contacts with pictures that has a one touch to dial and one touch to text. This is customizable if you want to email, text, call, goto profile, facebook, etc..., another home screen for news, weather, google search, another home screen for.. ok well Im done.. Basically what Im getting at is that this phone blows away my friends' iPhones. This thing is so customizable and easily customizable. Oh yeah, and you can also use your phone as a WiFi Hotspot by connecting up to 7 computers/phones. When Im out and about with my new laptop, I just turn on my WiFi hotspot and my laptop connects to it automatically. I did a speedtest at and it did 1.5mbs down and 300k up. The speakerphone is loud and clear. And its nearly impossible to pocket dial someone or answer the phone if in your pocket. Similar to the iPhone. One drawback is that in order to take pictures or store MP3's, you have to get a MicroSD card. I have an 8GB card. I found the best prices on storage cards at Office Depot. I got my 8Gb card for under $20. Currently, the US can go all the way up to 32 Gigs, but China is developing a MicroSD card that is 64GB. Amazing how they can fit so much storage in a card that is smaller than a dime. Lastly, I recommend getting the extended battery. When I did a warranty exchange because I was having so many problems with my Omnia 2, they did a Warranty exchange for whichever phone I wanted and the extended battery cost me the same as the regular battery. I can go for days without having to recharge it. This also depends on how often you have your Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc... to sync up and if you are constantly have your GPS and Wifi activated. I both of mine on all the time and use my internet pretty frequently and only have to charge it once a day with a decent amount of phone call usage. My WiFi finds my Verizon FIOS router right when I turn around the block from my house.

    Well there's my review on the Droid 2. I could have went on and on even further. I feel I typed too much, so I apologize. Oh and since you are local, here in Dallas, Steve, if you want, you can swing by and check out my phone with it all customized if you like, rather than going to a Verizon store where you are limited.

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