Anna Nicole Smith Dead at 39

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by ciosclone, Feb 8, 2007.

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  2. ChevyFan

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    I agree. The saddest part is that her daughter is so young that she'll never know her mom or even have any memories of her.
  3. GM_Guy

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    I was shocked and saddened when I heard the news of her passing.
    wonder what happened??
  4. unplugged

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    Honor the fallen

    Tragic death yes, but really doesn't compare to the sacrifices of the young men and women in Iraq/Afghanistan. Some of this weeks heroes:

    02/04/07 Matheny, Randy J. Sergeant Age: 20 U.S. Army National Guard Hometown: McCook, Neb.
    02/05/07 Van Parys, Brandon J. Lance Corporal Age:20 U.S. Marine Hometown: New Tripoli, Penn.
    02/06/07 Frazier, Joshua J. Sergeant Age: 24 U.S. Marine Hometown: Spotsylvania, Va.
    02/07/07 Pfister, Travis Sergeant Age: 27 U.S. Marine Hometown: Richland Wa.
    02/07/07 Minjares Jr., Gilbert Petty Officer 1st Class Age: 31 U.S. Navy El Paso, Tx.
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    The sacrifices of the young men and women in Iraq/Afghanistan is not the topic . I know what those guys/gals go through, I've done one tour myself, however, stay on topic
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  6. Chevy Girl

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    I agree, I think our country does tend to idolize people, and if you looked at the coverage of her death you would have though a head of state would have died.

    However, it is still very sad that a woman died very young and left a baby without a mother.
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  7. Robbiev

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    Ciosclone, I understand that you think Unplugged's post was off the topic and have the utmost respect for you and all Veterans who have served this great country. I myself served in the First Gulf War. I think what Unplugged, or atleast what I got from it, is that the media makes a huge deal about a celebrity who although tragic and shocking, her death was not surprising to me or many. There are troops killed weekly and it covered for about 20 seconds on the nightly news. Very rarely are there names ever mentioned.
  8. ciosclone

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    Very true . I didn't mean to come off as being overbearing , just posted without thinking :redface:

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