Another 5.3 with AFM bites the dust ~ Chevrolet Active Fuel Management Problems

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    I assume it a gas motor - therefore it shouldn't cost $15,000.00 for a new motor. Ask them about a crate motor from the factory, or go elsewhere.

    How long do you think a manufacturer should stand behind their motors? 150K? 200K? 300K?

    I am always amused by people who join forums and they say how bad their trucks have been....after 100,000 miles. FYI-100,000 miles IS A LOT OF MILES. Yo may try GM customer service, although your best deal might be for (GM to work with the dealer) and to give you an "over allowance" for your truck as is - then with factory rebates you could get in to a new one. Of course, if you start plastering this all over the Internet you won't get much sympathy from GM either.
    Good luck!
  2. phoebeisis

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    Yikes $15000 seems pricy??
    I can get a NEW Goodwrench 5.7 delivered curbside for $2300 ??
    The not AFM 5.3's pretty sure they are more like $5000 curbside
    Didn't think the AFM were $10,000 motors??-assuming $5000 labor??-30 shop hours??
    Now 116,000 miles-would have been lots of miles in 1960's-1970's 1980's
    but recent vintage motors-my 1998 Suburban 223,000 miles-should last a LONG LONG time
    I wouldn't expect GM to make completely good on a 116,000 mile motor
    but I would be pissed it croaked at so few miles.
  3. bearanddawn

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    Another 2008 Chevrolet Z71 4x4 motor bites the dust @ 108k. This is my third pick up, I have bought brand new, and I am so disappointed with chevy. The motor started ticking, took it in to the dealership, found out it was a lifter. They want to replace them all and the cam. After they tear the motor apart, they find something else, the cam bearing is worn and have never seen this before and want to replace the motor. I have babied this vehicle, used mobil one synthetic oil and even changed it at 3000 miles. My husband has called many dealerships and this is common. The cost of the motor is $15,000.00 and Chevrolet knows there is a problem, WHY HAVENT THEY DONE SOMETHING???? I am so sick about this. Not everyone is able to afford a new motor. I work hard for my money and if Chevrolet thinks, this is ok, I AM HERE TO TELL YOU, ITS NOT OK, WITH ME. The service mgr. stated it could be due to low oil pressure, two yrs ago, I had pick up in dealership, because oil gauge went out, it did not work right, I went back, and the guy told me not to worry about it, I didn't. Now I am sure he would not remember me or the conversation, so what do you do? Now, its a terrible mess. Chevrolet, needs to fix the problem and help out the consumers and fix this problem!!!!! They were bailed out. I know, if I am not helped out, I will not buy another American vehicle ever.

    CKNSLS Rockstar 100 Posts

    Bearand Dawn-just keep posting the samething over and over again. OK-your upset-I get it. Move on! Don't pay $15,000 for a new motor. Have it towed elsewhere where it's cheaper. If you pay $15,000.00 IT'S YOUR FAULT! Chevrolet will not give you a new motor for your truck. Your have over 100K on it. IT NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. You can post this all over the Internet-IT WILL NOT GET YOU ANOTHER MOTOR FOR FREE.
  5. bearanddawn

    bearanddawn New Member

    Not looking for a hand out

    I do not remember saying I was looking for a free motor! If I were not 20 hrs from home, and put in a jam, Then there would be more options for me. Who are you to be telling me what to do anyway.
  6. abc123

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    Have some empathy, thats a lot of money

    What, do you work for GM or something? No one expects their vehicle motor to blow up, especially the way they are always promoting the pick ups on t.v. commercials. Your a freaking jerk.
  7. phoebeisis

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    Modern engines-and GMs small blocks are very very mature designs-
    Usually last LONGER than EVERYTHING else around them.
    My 1998 5.7- 223,000 miles-and STILL gets 21 mpg on 3000 mile hy trips.
    We EXPECT that sort of longevity from SBCs-GM has been refining them since the late 1950's!!
    118,000 miles-fair number of miles-I wouldn't expect a new engine if it punted at 118,000 miles
    And of course some owners are IDIOTS- don't change oil,check oil etc
    And some owners beat the crap out of motors-hammer them from the get go-or maybe put 50,000 tow miles on a 1/2 ton(towing near limit)
    But I would expect a bit a corporate sympathy if my well treated maintained SBC croaked at 110,000 miles
    Especially since folks can PROVE- they did oil changes-and some ECM (not literally the ECM but the onboard computer can store data-lotta data) might keep records of what sort of load the motor has been under

    Yeah-$15,000 to repair a truck-only worth maybe $15,000 with 120,000 miles- I would be unhappy.
    GM should step in-dial that back to maybe $8500 for the replacement motor installed.Assuming they have maintenance records-and perhaps evidence the truck wasn't abused.

    I can see both sides-can't warranty forever- but $15,000 for a part that should NEVER break at such low miles?? Yeah two sides
    I would take a conciliatory approach to GM- approach GM customer service-not the dealer-be polite -make it clear you see their side-but you are great customer,great maintenance records ,drive like pawpaw etc

    CKNSLS Rockstar 100 Posts

    I have my views of people who join forums just to bit** about their truck after 100K miles. But I am beyond calling people names.....
  9. tigerwitha88

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    In this day and time if you can't get minimum 200,000 miles out of a new engine, normal driving, servicing it as it should be then it was a pos from the beginning imo.
  10. nmgene

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    My 2004 suburban k2500 4 wheel drive has starting problems. First it was the passlock security system. I installed a resistor as directed by internet site. It started 4 times then quit starting again. It starts runs for maybe 3 seconds then dies. Just like when I was having the problem with the security system but now the security light does not flash when trying to start. The dealer wont work on it because it has a remote start system on it. The remote start system works but it does the same thing. There are many posts on the internet about this crappy security system and most everyone has a problem with it. They want over $400 for a new module which has the same problem. There is an after market module for $179. But I am not sure this will cure the problem. Can anyone help???

    - - - Updated - - -

    My 2004 suburban 6 litre has 139K and I just pulled a 9700 lb trailer from anchorage alaska to havasu Arizona and it burned a half a quart of oil. But it will no longer start because of GMs junk security system that no one seems to know how to fix. I have considered parking in front of the dealership and setting it on fire. I have had these security system problems for 4 years and have spent a small fortune on it. The dealer wants $1000 to replace the module again, as I am now retired on social security I just dont have the money to fix it again so I am stuck in this 110 degree heat with out transportation.

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