Another 5.3 with AFM bites the dust ~ Chevrolet Active Fuel Management Problems

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by hblock72, Jan 19, 2013.


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    It's too bad you couldn't go in to retirement with a newer vehicle. The vehicle is going on 10 years old...things wear out.

    Sorry for your troubles.
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    Just had my 08 Silverado in for servicing and documenting the oil consumption. Now the dealer tells me that a quart of oil consumption for every 2 thousand miles is within specs for this motor. They didn't tell me this before so I wonder if GM has changed the specs to avoid performing the warranty work. Or have they found that its an acceptable rate. Either way I am still in the monitoring stage. Fortunately nothing mechanical has failed yet.

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    I thought GM came out with a bulletin recently stating oil consumption test were nolonger needed. You may want to check in to this. Also, that is GMs acceptable rate for oil consumption-1 qt. every two thousand miles.

    Good luck!
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    I'll look into this. I would have expected them to say something to me about it if no more monitoring was needed. Hopefully I got one of the good motors.

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    I'll look into this. I would have expected them to say something to me about it if no more monitoring was needed. Hopefully I got one of the good motors.
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    To avoid AFM on Chevy trucks, one could formerly select the 6.0 liter engine. What was a good choice (going with the 6.0 liter--no AFM) definitely worked in the past, but guess what? The new 2014 Silverado's now have AFM in all 3 engines: 4.3 V6; 5.3 V8; and the 6.2 V8...per the new 2014 Silverado brochure I am now reading and holding in my hand.

    My personal research on the internet has observed "excessive oil consumption" in the 5.3 V8's from 2007-2011, and a hint of it in the 2012 5.3 V8. I do not trust GM to do what is right, but only to act in their own personal self interest as it "hits the bottom line". This will eventually result in a loss of market share...once everyone starts talking about it, and the news spreads across the USA and other countries.

    Before buying any vehicle, I recommend; This is how I picked a "sweet spot" in the 5.3V8 engine. It was the last year...before they started to place AFM in the 5.3; Our 2006 Suburban with the 5.3V8 burns no oil, while having over 150k miles.

    What "new" vehicle would I buy? Definitely not a Chevy truck, although they look good! Unlikely a Ford truck, although most other people are buying them. Possibly a Dodge truck, but owning a 1977 Dodge Aspen "turned my stomach" against Chrysler products for life. My conscience would object to a foreign truck.
    I don't really know!
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    I understand your only trying to help. However, there are not many numbers of the 5.3 motors in the later model years that have an oil consumption problem. The '07s especially do have issues. All the Internet "Complaint Sites" are at best suspect. If you go on NTHSA site, the complaints are almost hilarious.

    Look at it this way-GM sells almost 50,000 units a month (Silverado/Sierra combined) -now do the math of how many complaints you saw and do a little simple division math problem and tell us what the percentage is.....

    Before you buy a Toyota Truck check out the 'bed bounce" issue of the Tundra. For some reason known only to Toyota-they did not go with a boxed frame on their trucks. NOT VERY STRONG!
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    To: CKNSLS

    How is it that you know "there are not many numbers of the 5.3 motors in the later model years that have an oil consumption problem" ???

    If "All the Internet Complaint Sites are at best suspect" can anyone trust not only what is posted well as the comments you and everyone else is making in this forum and all other forums?

    I went to the NTHSA site as you indicated, spent about 1 hour researching 2008 Silverado complaints, and observed 112 total complaints for the 2008 Silverado. The bulk of these complaints were mostly within 2 years of purchasing the 2008 Silverado. And, I did not find a single "excessive AFM oil burning" complaint.

    However, here is the problem with your assertion: These people only drove the 2008 Silverado 2 years and less before reporting a problem. The AFM engine failures occur "after" an average of 55k miles. (based on the documented complaints for the 2008 and 2009 Silverado found in Of course there would be few or no complaints for the 2008 Silverado, since most owners don't drive 55k miles the 1st 2 years of ownership!

    Per your recommendation to "do the math of how many complaints you saw and do a little simple division math problem and tell us what the percentage is..." here is what I found:

    total 2008 Silverado complaints = 72
    total 2008 Silverado complaints regarding "excessive oil consumption" = 8
    percentage of 2008 Silverado complaints just for "excessive oil consumption" = 15% (8 / 72 = 15.27777)

    total 2009 Silverado complaints = 28
    total 2009 Silverado complaints regarding "excessive oil consumption" = 9
    percentage of 2009 Silverado complaints just for "excessive oil consumption" = 32% (9 / 28 = 32.14285)

    The NHTSA site is very poor for an analysis of complaints for the following reasons:
    --The stated mileage at the time of failure is optional, and not often reported;
    --Complaints are not categorized like allowing a simple analysis.
    --Much of the information is free form, requiring a tedious "word for word" read of all 112 complaints...which I did.

    For those people on who purchased a 2008-2009 $40k Silverado, and between 15-30% of them had a serious oil burning problem within 2 years, one should not have a cavalier attitude about a serious dollar hit on one's wallet and assume people who complain are hilarious.

    You said "Before you buy a Toyota Truck...".

    I never said I was going to go and buy a Toyota Truck,
    seeing as my previous post indicated: "my conscience would object to (buying) a foreign truck".

    You gave me a home work assignment when you said in your post: "tell us what the percentage is". I told you what I found, and why your assertions were not workable at this time.

    Now, it is your turn for a little home work assignment, to research at least 5 GM/Chevy forums and tell us "what you found" for those who reported/complained about AFM problems, and tell us if those people thought their problems were hilarious.
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    You have to figure total amount of units sold vs. those that have issues to arrive at percentage.
  9. phoebeisis

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    Doing it the way you did it-will just tell you what percentage of complaints are oil comsumption complaints
    You want to know total complaints divided by total vehicles at risk-meaning total sold with AFM 5.3's

    Now there really ISN'T any way top get that data-yes you can find out how many sold
    but you can't find out how many buyers complained to GM about oil consumption-they won't tell you-simple as that-and they have good reasons for that-their competition would spin those complaints-fairly or unfairly-and use them against you

    NOW- MAYBE MAYBE you could use your method-and get a useful HINT-
    Look at earlier years- SAY 2006 -calculate what percentage of total complaints are OIL CONSUMPTION COMPLAINTS
    then do same for 2007- if 2007 vehicles have a MUCH higher percentage of oil consumption complaints
    it might SUGGEST -SUGGEST that oil consumption problems INCREASED when GM went to AFM
    ALSO if TOTAL-not percentage-OIL CONSUMPTION complaints increased from 2006 to 2007-that MIGHT suggest a problem also

    You really need what you can't get-total complaints given year divided by total AFM 5.3 motors sold that year-AND YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT A NORMAL number of OIL CONSUMPTION COMPLAINTS is-you can't get that either unfortunately

    Check you numbers against 2006 numbers-see if there is a hint of a problem-won't PROVE it is a problem-but might hint that way

    So more or less total complaints 2006 vs 2007
    Higher or lower percentage of complaints 2006 vs 2007

    And see if you can find historical controls-how many folks complain about excessive oil consumption
    And use GMs number-lotta folks bitch about 1 qt per 2000 miles-which isn't excessive- it wouldn't make me happy to use that much-but it wouldn't be excessive
    Kinda doubt my 1998 5.7 Suburban burns or leaks 2 qts per 2000 miles-and it has a leak or two-223,000 miles-but it is a winner 21 mpg hy despite all the miles years

    It would piss me off if I spent BIG $$ and got a lemon-but 100,000 miles-no horrible problems-not really a lemon-sucks but probably just unlucky-got one on the short end of the curve

    Yeah-compare 2006 to 2007 oil complaints-best you can do with the limited data you can get
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    You thoughts are sound. BTW-you bring up an interesting point-how many people register on these forums and complain about issues after 100K miles? There has been a few. My contention is 100K miles is ALOT of miles and your right if you have issues you came up on the short end of the curve....but I don't know if one has the right to complain about a "bad truck" after 100K TROUBLE FREE miles.

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