Another 5.3 with AFM bites the dust ~ Chevrolet Active Fuel Management Problems

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by hblock72, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. phoebeisis

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    OK- so looks like they are talking about the same the same thing-not some HUGE oil leak.
    Even if it was different things-you would still expect to see "something" from 2006 for excess oil consumption.

    It won't exactly help-won't help at all-BUT it would be interesting to see what sort of numbers FORD has for 2006-in respect to oil loss oil consumption
    Ford Chevy-roughly the same number of total sales-maybe ford sells 30% more-but ballpark the same
    Now if in 2007 you find 50 cases of excess consumption
    What I'm getting at as what is the "normal rate" of excess oil consumption complaints over the industry

    Your 2006 vs 2007 data sure LOOKS like 2007 was a bad year-maybe go back-look at 2005 2004 etc-see if 2007 is actually a "bad year" as opposed to 2006 being a "good year"
    If you find 40,45 complaints from 2004 2005 it could indicate that 2007 was a "normal year" and 2006 is actually the "flier" outlier year

    Yeah-a lotta work. i THINK MOST FOLKS- figure the early AFM do have some sort of occasional problem
    but if 2004 and 2005 look like 2006- it would make the case even stronger-
    Frankly just 2 cases in 2006-seems VERY VERY LOW?? Obviously this site doesn't get a large percentage of the total vehicle owners

    Impossible task- you might do better sweet talking GM Customer service. They MIGHT MIGHT hint that there is a problem-or the GM dealership mechanics might let it slip?? They could get fired of course-so I would be careful about letting something like that out.

    Only GM has the info you want-you can just nibble around the edges.
    I had a problem like this once-they are common enough-across all makes
    1995 hONDA accord-Radiator cracks leaks at 38000 miles-out of warranty- call online parts place-guy says "we sell lots of these radiators" OK -call Honda Customer service-they are polite but non commital
    after maybe 20 calls-no kidding 20-Honda Customer Service agrees to pay $230 for radiator-nothing for the 5 hrs I spent installing it-I was happy-

    Same sort of thing happened-VERY VERY HIGH FREQUENCY- for Nissan Titans- the rear ends were FAILING DRAMATICALLY at low-10,000 20,000 miles- 1 year and less!!
    On a Titan forum-just 1.5 years in-we had accumulated almost 100 cases!! Not me-but I was the record keeper-since I was concerned-$25000 for a truck that was going to leave me on the side of the road!!
    Nissan was replacing them-they were all in warranty-but owners weren't happy-
    Never found the "why" it was a modified Dana 40 -strengthened enlarged etc-should have worked fine-despite the powerful motor-5.6 305 hp(stout 305 HP-and close to 400 ft lbs)
    Yeah- best bet was poor heat treatment for some "powdered cast???" gears-probably done "offshore"
    I sold it in 2007-bought used $2950 Suburban-never had any problems with it-but needed the $$- got $16,000 for 3 yo Titan-fair price=it was a good truck to me- but that sort of problem soured me on it
    And this 98 Suburban has been so reliable.....

    Yeah-common to have these sort of problems-early models-all makes.
  2. roknwoe

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    To: Phoebeisis

    You suggested we look at Ford's for excessive oil consumption, and then compare them to the Silverado's. However, this seems like comparing "apples to oranges". Also, CKNSLS (Mr crystal ball himself) might walk all over this.

    Regardless if the industry is better or worse, the task at hand is to research whether GM AFM is the cause of excessive oil consumption...and not concern one's self with the rest of the industry. Therefore, I will pass on this one.

    However, here are the 2001-2007 stats for Silverado's (with Sierras for 2001-2005 only):

    2007 Silverado total complaints: 260
    2007 Silverado excessive oil consumption: 39

    2006 Silverado total complaints: 144
    2006 Silverado oil loss: 2

    2005 Silverado total complaints: 256
    2005 Silverado excessive oil consumption: 1

    2005 Sierra total complaints: 18
    2005 Sierra excessive oil consumption: 1

    2004 Silverado total complaints: 346
    2004 Silverado excessive oil consumption: 1

    2004 Sierra total complaints: 33
    2004 Sierra excessive oil consumption: 0

    2003 Silverado total complaints: 279
    2003 Silverado excessive oil consumption: 3

    2003 Sierra total complaints: 27
    2003 Sierra excessive oil consumption: 0

    2002 Silverado total complaints: 143
    2002 Silverado excessive oil consumption: 2

    2002 Sierra total complaints: 11
    2002 Sierra excessive oil consumption: 0

    2001 Silverado total complaints: 239
    2001 Silverado excessive oil consumption: 3

    2001 Sierra total complaints: 14
    2001 Sierra excessive oil consumption: 0

    I am not really interested in "sweet talking GM customer service" to fish out information from them. Who knows, I might run into CKNSLS, and get fed some misleading BS which might corrupt our numbers.

    I feel we are getting to the end of this statistical exercise, and believe we have enough information here to come to a logical conclusion.

    Seeing that you have an interest in this subject, and are a person of logic, what is your opinion of the stats presented above?

    Does it, or does it not suggest that the GM AFM looks guilty of causing excessive oil consumption in the 5.3 v8 starting in 2007?
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    CKNSLS Rockstar 100 Posts

    Whats your concern with all this? The fact remains they still sell approx. 50,000 units a month and your fascinated by the few that allegedly use oil.

    You register on this forum-point out you got (in your opinion) a good truck, and the rest of us have ticking time bombs. You can't come to any logical conclusion because some of those owners complain of using a quart every 1,000 or 2,000 miles and call that excessive.

    In addition, if you go on other "consumer boards" it's painfully obvious that there are those who drive other brands of trucks, and go on those boards to "bash and/or makeup scenarios" to make Chevrolet trucks look bad.

    And let's face the fact-the LOGICAL conclusion is if consumers had the concerns you have-they wouldn't be selling 50,000 units a month.

    Believe what you want -it's time to move on IMHO.
  4. roknwoe

    roknwoe New Member

    To: CKNSLS

    I believe the Lord said "do not throw your pearls before the swine".

    My question "Does it, or does it not suggest that the GM AFM looks guilty of causing excessive oil consumption in the 5.3 v8 starting in 2007?"...was not directed at you, it was directed at the logical and reasonable man called Phoebeisis.

    Based on your contributions to this forum, I have observed you do not have the capacity to properly respond to the information. Maybe, it is because you only have 96 posts, whereas Phoebeisis (having 1475 posts) is more capable than you to understand the information.

    I am not interested in your "wild wild west" comments nor your belief that the serious car complaints reported by others are hilarious. Please return to your stupor, and give Phoebeisis a chance to respond to my question.

    Thank you, and have a nice evening!

    CKNSLS Rockstar 100 Posts

    Yea, if you read the NHTSA website some of them are hilarious. Since you have the ability to ascertain a small number of complaints somehow equals a GM coverup-you must have all the intellectual capacity......and if you don't like my comments feel free to go to the settings menu and you can ignore me...otherwise I am not going anywhere.

    You have a nice day as well!
  6. phoebeisis

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    No question
    the oil complaints to that site dramatically increased in 2007
    For those who are buying used-any hint when and if-the oil consumption complaints eased off?
    Tough to tell maybe since as you said earlier-the average mileage at complaint is 55,000-so 2010 on might not have reached that.

    Yeah you probably made your point as well as you could with the limited data you can get.Oil consumption complaints increased in 2007

    CKNL has a point- you KNOW oil complaints went up dramatically-certainly suggests a problem-but it is a tiny number relative to maybe 400,000 trucks sold by GM in 2007
    Of course-most folks don't bother making a formal complaint-GM would have much much better numbers

    Yes you made your point
  7. tigerwitha88

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    Anyone that suggests that the early to mid production GM 5.3 with AFM does not have a oil consumption problem has a agenda.
    I know the writer at my dealership told me when I was having my issues that they had done 15 lower end rebuilds this year(this was in mid April) on trucks with the 5.3.
    There's a sticky thread on nearly all GM forums on this issue.

    CKNSLS Rockstar 100 Posts

    Nobody is denying there was/is an issues. There are rumors that continue to persists that 2009-2013s have this problem despite of a rumored update to the motor in the LATER MODEL YEARS (2011 I believe).

    The question is how widespread when you look at the total number of trucks sold. That is what is impossible for anyone to know.
  9. stchman

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    I just changed oil on my 2013 Silverado, it has a 5.3L with AFM and it was ~1/2 quart low after 5000 miles.
  10. CKNSLS

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    Does that concern you?

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