Another 5.3 with AFM bites the dust ~ Chevrolet Active Fuel Management Problems

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by hblock72, Jan 19, 2013.

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    I know that AFM engines uses a little bit of oil. On my 2008, it was always between 0.5 to 1qt after 5K to 6K miles. From what I have read, these people are using 2-3 quarts every 1K miles. I accept the fact that ALL vehicle engines will consume a little bit of oil between changes. There is no way that someone pours 6qts in and 6K miles later 6qts comes back out. When I checked the oil level before changing it was one one hole below the full mark.

    My question is, where does the oil go, either oil leaks out or it gets burned in the engine. If these AFM engines are using 2-3 quarts every 1K miles and not leaking, they must be smoking like crazy.
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    To: Phoebeisis

    I appreciate and respect your input on this subject of "excessive oil consumption" for the 5.3 V8 for AFM.

    Most cannot afford to buy a new $40K truck and then have to deal with $7200 engine rebuilds caused by GM.

    Engines should last well beyond 100k miles, and if they don't, one should not reward a car manufacturer by buying their vehicles. It condones and emboldens GM to foist more bad products on the public. While the Silverado is a nice looking truck, normal Americans will not forget the impact of an oil burning engine for a long time.

    On this thread, I have only observed 1 individual who has taken the position "you have no right to complain after 100k miles", and to "move on"...when others have taken a serious dollar hit due to GM's treatment of the American public who buy their AFM oil burning trucks.

    It is no wonder this individual has been justly labelled by this forum:
    a "swine"
    "a freaking jerk"
    "Mr crystal ball"
    "a GM troll"
    one who "has an agenda"

    All of us should have sympathy and empathy for those who need reliable transportation, and can't afford to burden themselves with more debt on engine repairs, courtesy of GM.

    I believe in the expression "where there is smoke there is fire".

    Regardless of the small numbers of owners (the smoke) who reported an oil burning problem compared to the 400-500k annual new Silverado's sold each year, the bad taste of expensive engine repairs and bad customer service (the fire) will eventually burn a hole in GM's reputation. GM was bailed out once, but the next time...I think they should be allowed to die from natural causes (defective products; bad customer service). I will not support (nor vote for) another presidential initiative to bail out such a company again! (at least FORD did not take any bail out money. good for them!).

    One can see the "damage control" GM is attempting to do on these forums. Their customer service people are monitoring these serious (not hilarious) complaints on excessive oil consumption. But generally, little is accomplished by GM customer service via the forum.

    This "AFM engine Gangrene" if not properly addressed has the potential to put GM out of their misery for good.

    Once bitten twice shy!
  3. Ford did take money they just didn't call it bail out money.
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    The usage of oil from other manufactures is interesting. I just received paperwork from AMS oil stating Chryslers new "acceptable oil usage" for 20012 and 2013 dodge, jeep, and Chrysler models. It claims that Chrysler now accepts the usage of 1.5 quarts of oil for every 2000 miles on any 2012-2013 model vehicle with under 50,000 miles. The amount goes up on their chart as the miles do. I find this concerning as they do not call for an oil change on my wife's 2013 caravan for 10,000 miles. I took it to the dealer to have it changed at 3,000 and they told me that it was not due for the change yet and would not change it because of my service contract! Fine with me, I have a lifetime bumper to bumper warranty so it is their issue. Using 1.5 quarts every 2,000 miles would mean that her van would have no oil left at 10,000 miles.
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    I'm pretty sure they DON'T SMOKE
    because the CATCON burns it.
    In the old days(50's 60's 70's)-it was COMMON for cars to smoke down the road-leaving that bluish black cloud of oily smoke
    Once catcons came on the scene-about 1973 I think- cars quit smoking since oil that made it into the combustion chamber-and wasn't completely burned there-ended up getting burned in the catcon

    This is my best guess(didn't actually read it anywhere)-but I think it is right.
    You still see an occasional smoker-dead cat con worn out motor

    In defense of GM-mild defense-the way they are handling it-
    Pretty standard
    Ford 2004 6.0 diesel
    Honda 5 speed AT with the V-6 years of problems
    Toyota Oil sludge problem
    Nissan Titan rear ends
    Dodge-the dangerous steering parts failures on Dakota and Durango-laughable minivan ATs

    Still it means folks out of warranty are screwed.
    Auto Corps survive these problems-just fix them in later model years-and live thru them-balancing bad publicity with cost to repair out of warranty vehicles

    Doubly a shame and annoying since the 5.7 was so reliable- SBC engine problem??? not expected
    but EPA 12/17 (my 1998) VS 15/23 most recent 5.3
    GM HAD to update-
    but teething problems with new design-typical-the way they are handling it-typical

    Yeah you folks have my sympathy
    COLD COMFORT I would be pissed SBC engine problems-not what you expect!

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    You can post the GM gangrene all you the end of the day it is not hurting their's a small number of motors. If it was a big number then IT WOULD AFFECT their sales.

    BTW-The names don't bother me...this is the Internet and you gotta be able to take such things. And I do stand by my statement after 100K of trouble free miles you have no right to complain.

    As the above poster can single out GM, but they are no different than Ford, who has denied warranty claims on their diesels for the excuse of "water contamination" on their current diesel models. They have refused subsequent warranty work on the 6.0 diesel, which was pretty much defective from the start. And now they are trying to figure out how to handle blown Ecoboost turbos.

    The new Silverado will sell well-to those who had purchased GM trucks previously, there is nothing groundbreaking to have "converts" who have bought trucks from Ford or Dodge (now RAM) buy them.

    Letting GM go bankrupt would have had a "ripple effect" across the whole economy at the time, love or hate the president, this would have had a devastating effect on the economy. That is what the administration wanted to avoid.

    I am glad you took the time to read all my posts.
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    The newest 5.3
    is sort of a benchmark-a full sized V-8 getting 23 mpg hy-with no real expensive motor trickery
    Ford went all out-3.5 V-6 with TWIN TURBO to get 22mpg hy and V-8 HP torque
    Lotta kinda sensitive expensive components on that 3.5 twin turbo-so far reliable-but just 3 years of service-we'll see if it has good long term reliability

    GM has matched-and slightly surpassed that 3.5 with a more or less standard motor
    Dodge-did nearly the same thing with their 3.6 V-6 8 speed AT- 25 MPG HY
    Yeah in a way both those trucks leapfrogged Ford's 3.5
    The V-6 Dodge won't be as tow capable as the 5.3 or twin turbo 3.5-but it is a full size 1/2 ton with more tow capability than most 1/2 ton owners ever use.

    CKN is right-GMs approach-same playbook for all manufacturers
    1)deny deny
    2)foot drag foot drag
    3)some sort of inexpensive retro fit repair -usually doesn't fix all the problems
    4)eventually they get it re-engineered fixed maybe 3 model years in
    5)older model owners kinda out of luck- once out of warranty-sometimes they offer some sort of discount on repairs or on buying a new truck
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    08 Avelanche Bites the dust

    Another one down. I have changed the oil at 3000 miles faithfully because If I don't make it in at 3000 it is not a good thing. I have mentioned it to the dealer every time service was done, and I kept being told that it is normal so of course no there is no documented oil consumption issue and I have absolutely no recourse. Well now I am at 124000 miles and now being told 7400.00 for a new engine after the dash lit up like a Christmas tree, service stabiltrak and service traction control, engine light flashing, etc and reported code of Engine misfire on cyl 6. After receiving the call from the dealer (a voice mail) I didn't bother to call them back, I called GM directly. after 3 days of decision time they gave me 3 choices for assistance. 1.) 30% of assistance with the repair 2.) I could pay 100% of the new engine 3.) I could receive a 2000.00 voucher for trade in on a new GM car. Well this just certainly doesn't really do any favors if you are in the situation. This truck loaded up still has a value of 16,000 + for a trade in with closer to 20,000 on retail sale. So how is this even fair. I can not say that these were trouble free miles at all. Why can't GM realize this issue and step up.. I do not think that this offer does any real good for me or anyone for that matter. I realize that 125000 miles is not new but this truck looks like new, drives like new and has been babied, and garaged both at work and at home. 30% of repair? really???? when it is a known issue repair to begin with? WTF? I am really disappointed. I have always been a GM fan and I have owned 3 trucks.. I have put engines in 2 of them. The first was only 2000 miles out of warranty at 38000 back when the warranty was short. I just don't get it.. but maybe I am the fool that keeps buying GM.
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    Ford borrowed money before the auto crash and is still paying back. GM was a welfare/bailout and the taxpayer will never get all of their money back. As of today GM stock would have to be worth $95/share for the taxpayer to break even...but the stock is in the $35-36 range. Right now the tax payers are on the hook for $18.1 billion...including interest ans dividends. GM has made $17.2 billion profit since the bailout. They made a hell of a deal here...we should all be so lucky. This was in the Auto section of The Detroit Press yesterday or today in case the die hard Chevrolet owners don't want to believe it. Don't shoot the messenger.
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    Not everyone feels sorry for you!

    To: 08AVY
    From: Roknwoe (see my post # 162 above)

    There is a contributor to this forum (see his posts # 121, 124, & 166 above) who responds the following way to serious complaints like yours:

    ---"I am always amused by people who join forums and they say how bad their trucks have been....after 100,000 miles"
    ---"after 100K of trouble free miles you have no right to complain"
    ---"if you start plastering this all over the Internet you won't get much sympathy from GM either"
    ---"OK-your upset-I get it. Move on!"
    ---"Chevrolet will not give you a new motor for your truck. Your have over 100K on it. IT NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. You can post this all over the Internet-IT WILL

    What is your opinion of the person who talks this way about people like you with his comments in red above?

    One final question: Are you planning on buying another Chevy truck?
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