Another 5.3 with AFM bites the dust ~ Chevrolet Active Fuel Management Problems

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by hblock72, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. Enkeiavalanche

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    Most good programmers will turn off the AFM My Superchips does..
  2. snide

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    I love mine to much to get rid of it . But have any of you tired running it in "M5" ? It shuts off the AFM so you can run around in town without it going in and out all the time. I know we should all not have to, but on my 2011 CCSB with 3:42 gears 6 speed, I noticed no noticeable reduction in fuel mileage in the city. Bascially my truck has bad AFM vibration at 30-45 mph , but at higher speeds it is not noticeable so I then set the cruise and bump up to M6. From 4000 to 11000 miles I was ready to trade it for a 2500 , but then a tech told me about the M5 trick. I now have around 22000 miles and love the truck again for now......Don't beat me up too bad I just wanted to share incase the average person does not know about it.......
  3. Red Rado

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    I had mine checked at the dealer the other day. I have 63K miles on it now and it checked out fine when I brought it in. They want to continue to monitor it a few more times. I haven't had any smoke and I check the oil level every 3 days or so. My daily commute is 120 miles so 1K miles goes by quick. I do have a diablo intune and I think I'm going to disable the AFM just to be safe. I've tried a couple of their tunes that came with it and my mileage didn't move at all so I don't know if there was any benefit to having it on.
  4. Pikey

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    Let [MENTION=32828]06MonteSS[/MENTION] custom tune it for you :)

    LEBARONCARS New Member

    Hi Just new ino the bowtie club , have a 2009 Silverado with just 20k miles on it , same issue we all read the horror stories on line and wonder , turn it off or on . My bud has a 2008 avalanche with 68k miles on it same system runs great . I guess my and his oil change is 4k done drain and change . Works for him I will follow , lets not run the oil right down as the gm sensor will make you do . oil is cheap in comparison to motor gone ?
  6. tlc0706

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    This problem was brought to my attention in another forum. Am going to look at a new Z71 tomorrow and this info might sway me to another direction. Does anyone know if this has been corrected for the 2013 model and if so, what did they do?

    LEBARONCARS New Member

    Strange problem , my buddy has a 2008 avalanche with 70k miles on it runs great has fuel management , I just bought a 2009 hope it is good to me . One dealer told me severe problems with the system in 2007 . I think it has something to do with how often you change your oil . when my oil advisor gets to 50 percent I change oil . let us know what you find out from the dealer .
  8. Red Rado

    Red Rado Rockstar

    Guess I spoke too soon about not having a problem. I just checked the oil level this morning. It's been 400 miles since the dealer checked it and I am 1 quart low. Guess I will be taking it back to them next week. I have never used the oil life monitor info that the truck displays on the DIC to determine when to change my oil. I never exceed 5K miles before changing the oil.
  9. I just don't understand why no one has started a class action lawsuit against GM for this. I wish thy would, I didn't buy a new truck to have to check the oil every week.

    LEBARONCARS New Member

    same here my first chev in many years , my son has the same year 2009 with the 4.8 bulletproof , no fuel management on it . Just got my used 2009 20k miles on it , runs great now but , should have read this before I bought .Curious as dodge has the similar system NO PROBLEMS ??

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