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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Scooter, Feb 2, 2011.

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    Been reading alot about cams, I have a 4.8l 2wD ext cab...I already added k&n CAI, American series flowmaster duel exhuast, airraid TBS, Taylor racing 10.5 mm wires, hypertech programmer, lifted five inches running 33s...Now I do alot of highway, and like to play in the sand and mudd when I can find it.....Cam question is opinionated the best brand, looking to get that mid to high range rpms, gas already sucks so not an issue for the most part. was looking at these Trick Flow Specialties TFS-30602003 - Trick Flow® Track Max® Camshafts for GM LSX there like 349 bucks. noob question I need one or two??? and NO dont worry Im not installing...

    I also found some by edlebrock for 309...
    Edelbrock 2215 - Edelbrock Performer RPM Hydraulic Roller Camshafts

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    First Edelbrock doesn't recommend there LS series cams for trucks, just for cars. Trucks are heavy so you want a cam thats made to work with a heavy vehicle. That TrickFlow cam is for a LSX block, not your 4.8. Call CompCams toll-free tech line for a cam recommendation. Thats the best thing to do. Also with the heavy truck and big tires you want a cam with bottom end grunt to help get you moving something that starts making power around 800rpms to 5,000 rpms. As I've said on this site before theres nothing worse than driving a over cammed truck. If you were using your truck for mainly drag racing than thats a differant story, but as a daily driver get a cam with the bottom end grunt.

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