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    Ok here goes. I recently installed a new ashtray assembly in 1989 chevy truck. The reason it was replaced is other wouldn't stay shut. My son took out the old one before I got home. Now he needs the power not light a cig (i hope) but for power to cell phone and etc. My question is the wire that I am certain goes to cig lighter doesn't even come close to fitting on end. Is there some other plug that should have been on this thing that I"m missing. Also I can't seem to get the wiring right for passenger side power window. Driver side door was replaced. Driver side door will go down but passenger won't from either switch. Neither power lock switch works either. I am very certain that I haven't wired these properly. Anybody have a wiring diagram or where I can find one. Thanks for help
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    Did the ash tray have a courtesy light with it? If yes, then you have two circuits to consider: The always hot cigar lighter and the switched courtesy light. Are you looking at the wrong plug/socket?

    For schematics, check out your local library for remote on-line research services. I purchased several Chilton manuals only to find I already had them available free on-line via my library. A big advantage of the on-line manuals is you can capture, zoom and print those pesky small diagrams in the manual. It makes it MUCH easier when trying to follow a schematic. Also, as we were all raised not to mark in books, you can make all the notes you want on your own home-printed copy.
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    you might be talking bout that little square plastic "connector" at the end of the wire?

    that little bugger is like a stealership special if you roll into autozone or any other local parts place you not find anything to connect to the end

    easy way around it is to get some t-splice conectors from the parts store and tap manualy into the two wires that are available. usually it's either a red-wire for hot and black for ground . newer trucks it's orange hot black for ground ..thats what i had to do with mine.

    hope this helps

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