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    I'm new here but not to forums. ( And I love forums because the experts will give you the RIGHT answer the first time. Not some dealer tech guessing. :) )All the searching I have done on here has problems close to my situation but none exactly like mine so here goes.

    Fan started acting up. No blow on high. Searched, got the blower resistor changed, wala. Problem solved.

    Wife comes back with new problem. Heat only out drivers side vents, cool on pass. side.Searched again. Blend door actuator. Bingo! Go get new one. Problem: New one doesn't work. Plug in old one, works. Reach in and "hand" turn the door. No sticks or weird sounds. Back to square one. Rear ac works, BUT only blows half hot air. Like a mix from the hot drivers side and the always cool pass. side.

    Friend of mine says HVAC control panel. Replaced that, no change.

    This is a 2003 1500 Suburban. Is the actuator the one on the bottom of the air ducts that you can reach fairly easily? (With small hands anyway) or am I playing with the wrong one?

    Last question. Blower only changes air temp on drivers side. Pass side vents ( top and bottom ) and defrost only blow cool.

    In these times I can't afford to take it to a dealer. What am I missing? Or just plain out don't know about?

    Any and all help greatly appreciated. Winter's coming and the kids need heat :)
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    Bump to the top?
  3. nevrknow

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    Answer my own post. Actuator in between the duct work under the dash. Dash does not have to come all the way off, but damm near. $150 bux verses the $50 part for the rear AC. Bummer.

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