Another (hydraulic) Clutch problem

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by m.gauthier, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. m.gauthier

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    So I was driving home and when i went to push my clutch it felt like it took the pedal half way to the floor to actually feel any pressure build up. The next time i pushed the clutch pedal it went to the floor without any resistance and i couldnt get the truck into gear

    Note the pedal is coming off the floor, but there is NO RESISTANCE felt in the pedal when i push it down. Its moving freely in and out

    Shortly before this all happened i began hearing a slight squeaking noise that would go away if i pushed my clutch pedal about 1/2 an inch in.

    Is this a cylinder problem or a clutch problem?

    I dont see any fluid leaks anywhere, and when we replaced my engine in july of last year, the clutch plate looked pretty new.

    If this is a cylinder problem how do i check to see whcih cylinder is actually failing?
  2. okysmokey911

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    Well the first thing I would try is to bleed the lines and see if you have some air in there somehow. It is also possible that you have a hole in the line, or a bad master cylinder or a bad slave cylinder. The clutch would be the last thing I would consider to have gone wrong. I have been tackling this issue myself and I can only get pressure half way down the pedal. Good luck.
  3. Ethan17

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    open the reservoir cap on the master cylinder and make sure there is fluid in there(sounds like there isnt). the easy way to rule out your clutch is to look at the tranny were the slave cylinder mounts, there should be a plastic screw cap or an inspection hole(if there is a plastic screw cap remove it). have a buddy mash the clutch while you watch that inspection hole. if there is little or no movment its one of the cylinders or the line. the slave and master cylinders are very simple and relatively inexpensive to replace. the line is a different story haha tell us what you find out when you investigate.
  4. okysmokey911

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    Honestly it could really only be a few things... I just spent the past few days fixing my hydraulic clutch system. The first thing that went wrong with mine was that the master cylinder ( brand new master cylinder) somehow got a crack in the plastic so when I pushed the clutch in all of the fluid would just spray out of the crack. This happened quite suddenly. The second thing that happened after I got the master cylinder to work was my slave cylinder blew up on me. It got a crack right on the base of the bleeder valve. So to sum all this up your issue is going to most likely involve having a bad master cylinder, slave cylinder and or bad line. I seriously doubt that the clutch fork fell off of the pivot ball or that it is a problem with the clutch itself. First I would just have a friend push down on the clutch while you inspect the master cylinder and slave cylinder and listen for any spraying noises. Testing the line is easy just use the bucket of water metod. Its a pretty simple system when you look at it. Only a few things could really be wrong and they are are fairly simple to figure out.
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